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PAC Machinery’s bags and materials division can help you choose the best materials for your packaging application.

Our Rollbag® pre-opened bags are Eco-friendly
Our bags are produced with 25% post-industrial recycled resins and are considered the industry standard. For the eco-conscious business, we also offer additional sustainable options.

They can be be used on virtually all brands of automatic baggers. In addition, we offer tubing, coex poly mailers, poly tubing, side load bags, thermal transfer ribbon, and additional sustainable packaging options for the environmentally conscious company.

Get a competitive edge with our packaging materials for automatic baggers. Read more about our sustainability commitment

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PAC Machinery specializes in the manufacture of Rollbag® brand pre-opened bags on a roll. These bags can be used on virtually any brand of automatic bagger.

Rollbag pre-opened bags on a roll in stock sizes. Coex poly mailers on a roll in stock sizes. Printer ribbon for automatic baggers. Labels on a roll for automatic baggers.

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