"On the Pulse of Packaging" Episode 17 - Modex Preview interview with PAC Sales Manager, Bryce

“On the Pulse of Packaging” Episode 17 – features an interview with a PAC Machinery Sales Manager on why PAC Machinery is exhibit you dont want to miss. Modex Show is held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA, March 11-14, 2024. Learn the following: (1) Why PAC Machinery is excited for Modex (2) Learn abou the PAC Machinery exhibit and (3) Learn what makes PAC machinery unique in this space.


Hi I’m Shannon Winans your host of “On The Pulse of Packaging.” In this episode, we’re excited to have Bryce Maddray, one of our Sales Managers here at PAC Machinery who will be attending the Modex show.  Bryce thanks for joining us today. Let me ask why is PAC Machinery excited for Modex?

What I would say about Modex is the reason Modex is such as exciting show is because it is it’s not just packaging automation it is about warehouse automation so if you come to Modex you’re going to see all kinds of really cool stuff. You’re going to see incoming receiving automations so unboxing technologies. You’re going to see robotic warehousing like auto store there’s a bunch of companies that do these types of things. A lot of robotic material handling and where we fit in is, we fit in the end of that so once you’ve got your products in and they’ve been placed in your warehouse and you’re going through your order picking automation at the end of that.

If you need to get it into a bag or some type of flexible packaging that’s where PAC Machinery can help you and help you improve your throughput speeds so it’s a fantastic show to come to. You’re going to see a lot another cool thing about Modex is it’s in Atlanta so it’s at a major airport Hub. So we do have a lot of clients that fly in in the morning and they spend the whole day there and then they go home in the evening that’s why I like Modex. I’m excited that we’re going to be there look forward to see you.

You can stop and see PAC Machinery at Exhibit C 4488. Bryce tell us a little bit about the PAC Machinery exhibit.

So what we’re going to have featured at Modex is a range of Auto Bagging machines as well as some sustainable packaging and it’s really focused on fulfillment and e-commerce.

So with fulfillment being such a big industry, Bryce tell us what makes PAC Machinery unique in this space.

Well what I would make sure to remind everybody is that what makes us unique versus our competitors is we could do variable bags so if you have a very rich warehouse management system that can give you the size of the products that are about to be in your order. There is a way to tell our machine to make small, medium, large, extra-large bags so it’s very unique to what we do here at PAC Machinery and it’s great for e-commerce fulfillment when you’re doing random order packaging.

Thanks for watching this episode of “On the Pulse of Packaging.” Be sure to catch us at Modex at Exhibit C4488.

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