Options in Medical Packaging

Comply with stringent ISO guidelines for sterile packaging requirements using our medical packaging machines. Whether you’re bagging, vacuum sealing or sealing pouches, our med machines use external ports for easy verification and calibration of internal controllers when seal validation is required.


When removal of air is critical from your packaging, turn to PAC Machinery vacuum sealers for peace of mind in your packaging

  • Tabletop vacuum sealer with gas flush capability 

  • Color touchscreen HMI sets precise sealing parameters

  • Capable of producing quality hermetic seals in a wide range of pouch and bag materials, with consistency, repeatability


Our validatable medical sealers for pouches provides the ultimate in speed and seal integrity when sealing medical pouches.

  • Features independent digital temperature controllers for each sealing bar, top, and bottom, for optimal seal integrity with Tyvek®, poly, foils, laminates, and a variety of other pouch materials

Bag and seal with validation using pre-opened bags-on-a-roll. Perfect for a growing facility! Our baggers are the ultimate in reliability and ease of operation. Easy to move around a facility. 

  • Package up to 40 bags/min, increase production
  • The price/performance leader in its class
  • The upgrade from inefficient hand packaging
  • PLC with 20 job storage, batch counters, packaging stats & more

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