Single Arm Shrink Wrap Sealers are Ideal for Packaging in a Retail Store or Office Environment

The Clamco 160B & 300B are compact single arm I-bar shrink wrap sealers. These machines are suitable for sealing small production quantities for use with shrink film, bags, or tubing.

The 160B & 300B work well with all shrink films and consistently deliver superior seals. These I-bar sealers are often used in combination with an available heat gun to shrink wrap products. The 160B & 300B sealers are equipped with a sealing/cutting wire, which seals and cuts the material in one simple and efficient operation. The control panel features adjustable time/temperature control, and an on/off cycle indicator light.

The 160B & 300B systems offer a very flexible low-budget solution for your small production quantities and requires less space than other shrink wrap solutions. The 160B & 300B systems are ideal for use in stores, offices and other environments where a reduced machine footprint is desired..

The 160B & 300B compact single arm shrink wrap sealers are made in the USA and include a 2 year limited warranty.

Sealing Features

  • Adjustable time and temperature control for
    consistent seals every time
  • Seals and cuts shrink film in one simple operation
  • Works well with all shrink film

Operating Features

  • Compact size, fits almost anywhere
  • Ideal for sealing small quantities
  • Works with standard household electricity so there is no need for special wiring
  • Rugged but lightweight making it portable and deliverable by any carrier
  • Often used in combination with available heat shrink gun
Model160B Sealer300B Sealer
Maximum Seal Length16″30″
Maximum Film Width16″30″
Film Roll Diameter10″10″
Maximum Product Size16″L x 12″W x 2″H30″L x 22″W x 4″H
Machine Dimensions25″L x 17″W x 16″H39″L x 16″W x 24″H
Electrical Requirements120V, 3A, (220V, 1.5A)120V, 10A (220V, 5A)
Machine Weight33 lbs55 lbs
  • 220V Wiring
  • Heat Gun Accessory with Variable Thermal Control to shrink film after sealing with the I-bar Sealer
  • Seal Cover Curtains for PE/PVC Films
  • Spare Parts Kit

 Clamco 160B & 300B Tabletop I-Bar Sealer Datasheet

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