Shrink wrap protection for extra-large packages, with automatic width, length, and height adjustment on every pack!

The Clamco model 4S-XL Four Side Sealer and 10T Shrink Tunnel is an advanced shrink packaging system that makes a four-sided seal around each product. Unlike traditional bundlers or sleeve wrappers, this shrink system ensures that the product being packaged is fully enclosed. Equipped with Automatic Detection of Product Width for Side Sealer Positioning, this cutting edge four side sealer can create packages of different sizes in one packaging run.

The packaging process is as follows:

First, the product is placed onto the infeed conveyor belt. A positioning guide automatically centers the product on the conveyor. Next, the cross seal bar will be activated by sensors that detect the product length. The film is fed on demand via two side-mounted powered film cradles. The product is now wrapped with film on the top and bottom.

The two side sealers are automatically positioned based on the measured product width. The side sealers also automatically adjust in height for vertical centering on the package. As the product transfers through the two side sealers, a four-sided seal is created. The side sealers will also trim the excess film and discharge the trim into a receptacle outside of the machine.

A shrink tunnel designed to handle random sizes of large products

After the sealing cycle is complete, the package is automatically transferred into the shrink tunnel. The shrink tunnel will be preset for the inside tunnel temperature range and the appropriate conveyor speed. As the product moves inside the shrink tunnel, the film will be heated to reach the temperature for effective shrink. This process is optimized with variable air velocity and operational airflow controls to properly direct heat. A blower fan will direct cooler ambient air toward the shrink wrapped product to further assist in shrinking the film when using polyethylene.

In the final step, the product is then discharged onto an exit conveyor, which can be aligned with either a customer provided conveyor and/or other material handling device for further packaging.

The 4S-XL sealer and 10T tunnel handle multi-size and extra long size packaging

This system offers shrink wrap protection for difficult to package oversize items, that come in multiple sizes.

  • laminated and wood flooring
  • pizza boxes and other corrugated stacks
  • farm implements
  • shelving and furniture kits
  • screens, windows, and doors
  • roofing shingles
  • office items and cubicle panels
  • automotive body parts
  • ceiling tiles
  • pillows, cushions, and wall art
  • bags of dog food
  • sports products

The Clamco heavy-duty four side sealer and 10T shrink tunnel are 24/7 machines that minimize maintenance and provide consistently strong seals. The Clamco 4S-XL  and 10T include a 1-year limited warranty.

Operating Features

  • Designed with strengthened mechanical components for today’s demanding manufacturing environment
  • Easy to integrate directly with your production line
  • 2 ft motorized infeed conveyor
  • Recordable & calibratable seal temperature adjustments

Sealing Features

  • Four side seal and trim unit for a clean final package appearance
  • 59” cross seal bar in order to seal products up to 48” wide
  • High strength side-seal knives to cut and seal polyethylene with low maintenance
  • Automatic detection of product width for side sealer positioning
  • Automatic detection of product height for side sealer positioning
  • Automatic centering of product on the infeed conveyor
  • Touchscreen interface with job setting storage and diagnostics for ease of use
  • Up to 3 mil polyethylene shrink film (thicker films possible, depending on requirements)

Set-Up Features

  • Motorized bottom film drive to assist with product transfer of lighter products
  • Side-mounted film rolls for easy accessibility
  • Servo-driven cross seal bar, balanced on linear bearings, for longevity
  • Conveyorized scrap removal system
  • Automatic product width, length, and height detection
  • Operating conveyor speed of up to 50 ft per minute
  • Advanced film drive wheels: provides consistent and even film tracking

Safety Features

  • CE compliant design for enhanced safety and ease of troubleshooting
Model Clamco 4S-XL 10T Shrink Tunnel
Cross Seal Bar Width 59″
Max Product Height 6” (side sealers fixed at 2.5” height)
Max Product Length 94″
Max Product Width 48″
Outfeed conveyor 8.2′ long
System Dimensions combined 42’L x 12.5’W x 86.5″H
Power Requirements: 220 V /3 Phases / 60 Hz / 30 Amps 480 V / 3 Phases / 60 Hz/ 80 Amps
Air Requirement 90 PSI @ 7 CFM
Warranty 1 year limited 1 year limited

  • Options or Customization is offered to meet various packaging applications. Please contact us for detailed information.