Clamco medical baggers and sealers are the ultimate in reliability and ease of operation. They are quick to set-up, easy to operate, fast and reliable for medical packaging.

Bagger validation is the process the user performs to assure each seal is made with seal time, temperature, and pressure maintained at a specific, predetermined value. Clamco validatable medical baggers feature a control system that monitors all seal parameters and switches into alarm mode if any parameter goes out of range. External ports on Clamco medical baggers enable the user to easily and reliably conduct the sealing parameter validation process.

  • Rollbag Magnum HS High Speed Automatic Bagger

    Rollbag Magnum HS Med Medical Pouch Sealer Bagger

    The Magnum HS Med is an automatic validatable medical pouch sealer bagger. This medical pouch sealer bagger makes bags of any length using Tyvek® rollstock.

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  • Rollbag R1275 Medical Automatic Bagger

    Rollbag® R1275 Med Automatic Bagger

    Automatic Bagging System for the Medical Industry The Rollbag™ R1275 Med is our smallest medical validatable bagger. The Rollbag R1275 Med bagger can outpace hand packaging in either manual or automated feeding modes. Perfect for a growing facility, the compact…

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