Rollbag poly tubing and coex mailer poly tubing perfect for  automatic poly bagging and mailing

Rollbag brand tubing is specifically formulated to be the most efficient tubing for Rollbag poly bagging equipment. Rollbag brand tubing is manufactured for maximum packaging uptime and minimal headaches. Whether you need clear, white, white/clear, printed, or coex mailer poly tubing, your automatic poly bagging machinery will run at optimum speed with premium Rollbag tubing.

Rollbag tubing is manufactured to match your application

Converting Technology offers a wide selection of high-quality flexible packaging materials for our Rollbag brand of tubing. We extrude materials up to a maximum of 6 mil. The thickness depends on the type of material selected—all are FDA compliant. Our experienced packaging specialists will help you determine the right material for your application.

Use Rollbag poly tubing to make bags of varying lengths

Combine a Rollbag innovative poly bagging machine with our coextruded poly tubing from Converting Technology to create the right size bag each time a product is packaged. Poly tubing can replace bags on a roll to reduce bagging material and shipping costs. Ideal for eCommerce applications, our specially-engineered coextruded poly tubing has the high puncture strength and tear resistance to withstand the rigors of mail order fulfillment for poly mailer envelopes.

Add logos and graphics for custom printed tubing

Custom printing is available from simple one color printing to complex multi-color printing. We can custom configure tubing features (rail style with wider side seals for instance) with custom printing to help create the perfect bag for your product. We deliver superior results every time, and if you require help in developing a visually impactful bag design, our experienced graphic design department is happy to help.


Rollbag Poly Tubing Specifications

ProductRollbag Poly Tubing
Tubing Width (min– max)2″ – 22″
Tubing Thickness1 – 6 mil
PrintUp to 8 colors
Print sides1 or 2 sides

Rollbag custom tubing tolerance guide

WidthPlus or minus 1/8″
Vertical Perforation (VEP)Plus or minus 1/8″ side/side
Horizontal Perforation (HEP)Plus or minus 3/16″ up/down
Hang Hole(H.H.) & VentPlus or minus 1/8″ side/side, 3/16″ up/down
PrintAll material treated for Flexo & Thermo print
Print Position & AlignmentPlus or minus 1/8″ side/side, random repeat or registered print
Medical Packaging (standard)Plastic cores & side plates, metal plugs, rolls double bagged
and/or case lined
Rail Tubing3/16″ wide HIS (High Integrity Side Seals)
Roll DiameterMiminum 10″ OD to Maximum 14″ OD
Roll windsFirm and concentric, no telescoping
Splices Print & PlainAllowable no more than 1 per roll
FDA/USDAStandard for all Rollbag products

Materials for Tubing

Material Description
LLDPELinear Low Density PolyethyleneIdeal for everyday packaging needs our most common film for Rollbags. High strength while maintaining clarity and flexibility. Clear, tinted, opaque.
HDPEHigh Density PolyethyleneHDPE is used for moisture and vapor barrier applications, or for scratch-resistant requirements. HDPE is stronger than an LLDPE bag at the same gauge, and slightly opaque. Blend of Buten, Octene, Hexicene, Metallocene.
CoexCoextruded PolyethyleneCoex material is two or more resins combined into a multi-layer structure. Mailers, Mil-Spec, Sterilizable, Scratch Resistant and Embossed Films.
MET/PETMetalized Polyester2.5 Mil Met/Pet tubing with “HIS” is high barrier laminated structure of Metalized Polyester and LLDPE
excellent moisture and oxygen barrier.
Superior machinability.
Suitable for printing.
PPPolypropyleneHigh clarity film for retail applications that provides higher strength than polyethylene.
NNylonNylon offers the highest levels of puncture resistance, and is an excellent oxygen (O2) and carbon-dioxide (CO2) barrier. A top choice for vacuum-packaging applications.

Additives for Custom Tubing

Anti-staticDissipativeAnti-Static Additive Film comes in clear or pink tinted for static dissipative (SD) applications. Ideal for electronics.
BIOECM BatchPolyethylene blend with bio-additive for enhanced biodegradability according to ASTM D5338-98 and D5511 standards. Available in clear or with a green tint.
ColorTinted or OpaqueFilm can be colored or tinted for color coding and privacy.
UVUltra Violet InhibitorUVI additive extends the life of your package in sunlight conditions. Combine with UVI fade-resistant inks for outdoor package storage.
VCIVolatile Corrosion InhibitorVCI materials eliminate corrosion for metal products. Formulas are available for ferrous metals (rust control) and non-ferrous metals. Tinted yellow, green, or blue.

 Rollbag Brand Bags on a Roll

 Rollbag Specifications & Materials Guide