Converting Technologya PAC Machinery company

Plain Bag On A Roll ManufacturingConverting Technology specializes in the manufacture of the Rollbag brand of pre-opened bags on a roll. These bags are considered the industry standard and can be used on virtually all brands of automatic baggers that use Autobag® style bags. At Converting Technology we focus on your specific requirements and can assist in making the best choices for your application. We can help streamline your bagging process, achieve better efficiency and increase your profitability.

There is no problem, request, or concern too small or too minor for our attention. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the right product, on time, every time. We strive to be proactive in our relationship with our customers from day one.

We partner with our customers beginning at the initial bag design stage. We are mindful to remain within the equipment capabilities, ensuring that we’ll be able to successfully manufacture the bag or material that works for you. We offer extremely short lead times on both printed and plain bags, as we keep a large inventory of film in stock, and are able to extrude various materials and sizes very quickly.

We learn from you. How will you use the materials? What type of machine do you use and how fast do you wish to package? Is there something else should we know about your unique requirements? We systematically address these issues in order to create a successful supplier partnership.

As a PAC Machinery company, we deliver the added benefit of complete compatibility with our other packaging equipment brands. Whether you need an automatic bagger for pre-opened bags-on-a-roll, drop sealers for wicketed bags, or band sealers for flat bags, Converting Technology has you covered.