Can you provide “retail quality” printed bags?

Absolutely. For retail display packaging, nothing entices a customer to make a purchase more than an attractive package. It can make your product stand out among competing products. Consumers associate high quality graphics on the package with a high quality product inside the package, leading to higher sales, increased customer satisfaction and improved revenues. We can partner with you to help enhance the appeal of your retail product.

What kind of bag materials do you offer?

Whether you desire high clarity or high opacity, breathability or high barrier, protection from static charges or corrosion, we can help you create solutions to your packaging challenges. Our specially-formulated linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) blend is ideal for everyday packaging needs and is the most common film for our Rollbag pre-opened bags on a roll. This blend provides a higher strength at a lower gauge than traditional low density polyethylene (LDPE), allowing a thinner bag to be used. Our LLDPE blend resists punctures and tears while maintaining clarity and flexibility. It is available as clear, tinted, or opaque color.

What kind of bag styles do you offer?

Bags can be customized with a variety of different features, tailoring them to your specific requirements. The following are a list of some of the most common ones.

Compartment bags have multiple compartments in them, with a seal in between each compartment. They can be made with a vertical perforation in the seal so that the compartments separate easily. Packing with compartments bags can also increase your efficiency, as two bags can be loaded at once.

Duplex bags are made with a clear material on one side and a colored material on the other, typically white. The benefits of a duplex bag are that the print on the colored material is very legible, especially when adding a UPC code, while the contents inside are still visible from the clear side.

Hang hole style bags allow a package to be placed on retail display hook. The hang hole is usually near the top of the bag and is often used in conjunction with a header seal. Holes are typically round, but are also available in configurations such as Delta, OSHA, and Sombrero styles to accommodate any retail display system.

Header bags have a separate, sealed area at the top of the bag. It is often used to allow a sealed bag to have a hang hole in it. The size of the header can range anywhere from 1/2″ up to 3″.

High-integrity seals, also known as a lap seals, are a wide seal that is usually made on the edges of the bag, creating a much stronger seal than a standard slit seal. A high-integrity seal is usually used in applications that require the bag to have a stronger seal, preventing it from opening during transport, such as with mailer bag applications. The width of the high-integrity seal is 3/16″.

Medical bags. We ensure that these bags are manufactured and delivered to you as clean as possible by lining cartons with plastic and, in some cases, wrapping each individual roll in plastic. In addition, Rollbags™ have white plastic sideplates to reduce particulate matter normally associated with our standard corrugated ones.

Perforated bags allow the end-user to easily access the product by providing a convenient way to tear the bag open. This feature is especially useful when using heavy gauge bags and can be oriented in the horizontal or vertical direction.

Tear Notch features a notch created in the bag, allowing it to be easily opened by the customer. The tear notch can be in the side of the bag as well as in the skirt (for pre-opened bags-on-a-roll).

Vent hole bagsallow air to escape quickly from a bag that is filled on an automatic bagging machine. Eliminating trapped air reduces the volume of the package, allowing more finished bags to fit in a case. Vent holes are typically 1/8″ to 1/4″ diameter, and are available as a partially cut flutter vent or with full material removal for maximum air relief.

Do you offer an automatic bagger?

Yes! Our fully automatic tabletop Rollbag R1275 is the highest speed automatic tabletop bagging system available. The R1275 bagger features a built-in touchscreen interface to simplify integration of counters, scales, robotics and other automatic in-feed devices for in-line filling. With the thermal transfer printer option, the R1275 can print graphics, bar codes, date codes and text in-line, as each bag is indexed through the machine, eliminating the material and labor costs of applying labels. For more details on all of our baggers click here.