Introducing the New Rollbag Magnum HS Med, High Speed Validatable Medical Bagger

San Rafael, CA & Berea, OH (Aug. 25, 2014)– PAC Machinery, a leader in the heat sealing and flexible packaging industry, announced today that it will unveil and demonstrate their new Rollbag Magnum HS (high speed) Med validatable medical bagger at PHARMA EXPO 2014 – November 2-5, in Chicago, IL USA. The Magnum HS Med is the latest addition to the Rollbag product line, made by Clamco, a PAC Machinery company. The standard version of the Rollbag Magnum HS will be unveiled and demonstrated concurrently at PACK EXPO 2014.

Rollbag Magnum HS Med Bagger

The new Magnum HS Med bagger is designed for cleanroom use and can package medical products at speeds up to 40 bags per minute using Tyvek?or medical-grade paper rollstock. Products packaged on the Rollbag MagnumHS-MedMagnum HS Med are suitable for use with an autoclave or a sterilizer. The Magnum HS Med is a very compact, versatile bagger that is designed for medical applications that require validatable seals.

Validation is the process the user performs to assure each seal is made with seal time, temperature, and pressure maintained at a specific, predetermined value. This medical bagger features a control system that monitors all seal parameters and switches into alarm mode if any parameter goes out of range.

External ports on this medical bagger enable the user to reliably conduct the sealing parameter validation process. The Magnum HS Med can also communicate with a remote device for central monitoring. A step up from conventional medical pouch sealers, the versatile Magnum HS Med features an easy-to-operate, pouch-making system using rollstock. This bagging solution provides the benefits of faster fill speeds (up to 70 bags per minute using poly tubing) as well as the ability to change bag dimensions quickly and easily. The Magnum HS Med creates a chevron seal for peelable pouches, and may be configured to create a straight seal on poly tubing and a variety of other materials. Perfect for short or longproduction runs, this validatable automatic bagger is capable of using rollstock up to 12″ wide and of any length. Using pre-opened bags on a roll, packaging speeds will reach up to 100 bags per minute.

The Magnum HS Med delivers the latest technology in a high-speed pouch sealing system. It is designed for reliability, durability and ease of operation, plus it may be configured to combine bagging, printing and labeling into one seamless process for significantly increased productivity. Bag length changes are accomplished quickly by virtue of the built-in job storage feature and the large, easy to use, touchscreen display. Help and diagnostics screens are built into the operating system to ensure optimal performance and maximum uptime. The controller interface simplifies integration of counters, scales, robotics and other feeding devices for improved automation and faster filling. By adding a thermal transfer printer, the operator can print graphics, bar codes and text right on the bag, reducing the expense of applying labels in a separate operation. An option is also available for producing chevron seals.

Our super versatile Magnum HS Med Bagger has been engineered to use a choice of Tyvek?or medical-grade paper rollstock”, says Mr. Gregory Berguig, V.P. Marketing at San Rafael, CA-based PAC Machinery. The use of rollstock enables the operator to quickly adjust bag length at the push of a button”, continued Berguig.

The Rollbag Magnum HS Med delivers a number of key benefits to the customer, and is a perfect fit for a dynamic, fast-moving production environment. The bagger is easy to use, accommodates a variety of packaging materials and sizes, adapts quickly to changing production demands, and requires very little maintenance. When all the benefits are combined, the result will lead to a significantly lowered total cost of ownership. A non-medical version of this bagger (Magnum HS) is available for applications that do not require validation. This version will be on display at PACK EXPO 2014 booth #S-2052.

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