Electrical equipment, including heat sealing equipment, can become a source of ignition. Though often out of view, arcs and sparks produced by the normal operation of equipment (motors, contacts, and switches, etc.) can ignite in a hazardous location atmosphere when packing combustible dust and powder.

When you are required to vacuum pack potentially explosive products, such as combustible dust, in a hazardous (classified) ATEX location, PAC XP explosion-proof vacuum sealers can be configured and certified to do so. These sealers are built in accordance to NEMA specifications. Non-NEMA rated electrical components are enclosed inside the NEMA enclosure, plus the heating element is fully enclosed within the seal bar in accordance with NEMA specifications. All controls are designed for use in hazardous classification areas (explosion-proof), and are built in strict accordance with corresponding specifications.

Safe and easy to use, PAC PVG XP Explosion-Proof Vacuum Sealer are the safe choice when packing products such as combustible dust and powder in hazardous locations and conditions. Made in USA.

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The PAC PVG XP Explosion-Proof Vacuum Sealer is made in the USA and includes a 3 year limited warranty.