Rollbag® 575B Automatic Bagger

Tabletop entry-level auto bagger for use with pre-opened bags on a roll

Open, fill, and seal any pre-opened bag on a roll with the Rollbag® 575B automatic bagger. This machine makes bag packaging quick and easy. The Rollbag 575B is a semi-automatic bag filling and sealing machine. The seal jaw is electrically powered and activated by a foot switch, which will also automatically advance the next bag to the fill position. After filling, simply separate the bag at the perforations and insert it into the seal jaw and activate the foot switch. This unit processes poly, food grade and anti-static pre-made bags on a roll up to 15 times per minute.

Semi-auto poly mailer bagging & shipping system—Rollbag 575B Auto Bagger E-Commerce Fulfillment

When combined with a desktop label printer and barcode scanner, the Rollbag 575B makes for a compact and affordable entry-level pack station for shipping of items in poly mailers.  The configuration shown in the video below includes the desktop label printer as well as barcode scanner. In this example, a single operator is filling, sealing, and labeling poly mailers at a rate of over 350 bags/hr. This is several times faster than using flat poly mailers out of a box.

The all-electric Rollbag 575B works with Rollbag pre-opened bags on a roll up to 12″ in width, to accommodate a range of products being shipped in poly mailers. The video highlights PAC Machinery’s Recylene® brand of poly mailer material, which includes a high degree of recycled content.

Do you have multiple pack stations in your warehouse? Do you currently use a wide range of flat bag sizes? Do you need to speed up your process in order to get more product out the door? If so, then the entry-level Rollbag 575 semi-auto bagging pack station could be a great solution.

The Rollbag 575B bagger is made in the USA and includes a 1 year limited warranty.



Technical Specs575B Automatic Bagger
Production CapacityUp to 15 bags/min
Minimum Bag Size2″ x 2″
Max Bag Size12″ x 12″
Seal Width12″
Electrical120V, 4A
Dimensions (w x d x h)18″ x 10″ x 24″
Shipping Weight75 lbs


  • Precise bag length control adjustment
  • Fast bag repositioning control (forward or reverse) for ease of set up and use
  • Front roll access for easy roll mounting and threading
  • Adjustable sealing/dwell controls provide precisely timed, high quality seals
  • Electric foot switch for fast, efficient operation
  • Portable, compact tabletop design


Adjustable Funnel with Preparation Table
Stainless Steel table mounted above the machine that allows for sorting, storing and kitting of product before manually pushing the product into the adjustable funnel, which guides the product into the bag.
This option allows you to have multiple bag sizes pre-loaded onto a bag shaft ready to set up and run the machine.
Spare Parts Kit
Additional wear items include teflon, seal wire and fuses.
Longer Bag Length
Up to 36″ bag length.
220 Volt Operation
Console Stand
Place your bagger on a stand instead of a table. The stand has the option for casters in order to easily move the bagger around your production facility.

Additional Options

Cycle Counter
Each time the foot pedal is pressed it will count as one cycle.

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