Rollbag® Ribbon

Thermal Transfer Ribbon—for Automatic Baggers!

The versatile printing solution

Rollbag Thermal Transfer Ribbon offers a reliable print solution for printing barcodes, logos, use by dates, batch numbers, ingredients, and other text on bags on a roll. The quality of a thermal transfer print is determined by the choice of thermal transfer ribbon. The actual print is created when the ink from the ribbon is transferred to the Rollbag or packaging by the thermal transfer printer system. The print format is generated by the printer program. Our high-performance thermal transfer ribbons are designed specifically for printing on flexible packaging and offer a great combination of Thermal print durability, print speed, and cost. 


Rollbag Brand Premium wax
For applications requiring additional smudge resistance, or for challenging printed or coated bags. These ribbons print on a wide range of media. They offer higher print quality and higher scratch and friction resistance compared to wax inks.

Rollbag Brand Standard wax
For use in most common bagging applications. The low-cost solution developed for flat head printers. Wax inks are particularly suitable for printing on paper labels, whether vellum or coated paper.

Our knowledgeable sales team and customer service department are committed to helping you select the perfect thermal transfer ribbon for the thermal transfer printer on your automatic bagger or other types of packaging machines.



Standard ribbons—ideal for text and barcode printing

Part NumberWidth (in)Length (ft)InkRolls/Carton

AutoLabel compatible ribbons—for printers on Autobag brand baggers

Part NumberWidth (in)Length (ft)InkRolls/Carton

Near edge printer ribbons—for Toshiba brand printers

Part NumberWidth (in)Length (ft)InkRolls/Ctn

Rollbag Systems Sharp compatible ribbons - developed for Sharp printers

Part NumberWidth (in)Length (ft)InkRolls/Ctn

R3200 Rollbag Systems ribbons—for our R3200 Rollbag System with printer

Part NumberWidth (in)Length (ft)InkRolls/Ctn


Our inks can be formulated in white, metallic, and various colors for printing on colored packaging films.

This Rollbag™ R3200 automatic bagger with thermal transfer printer option is the right solution for printing large text, images, and barcodes on the bag.

Rollbag thermal transfer ribbons are the perfect compliment to Rollbag Systems automatic packaging equipment. Rollbag Systems designs and manufactures:
Manual and Automatic Baggers
High Speed Baggers
Validatable Medical Baggers Magnum Automatic Baggers

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