The 555 band sealer can be positioned over an existing coffee packaging conveyor line or can work with an integrated conveyor, as shown in this video. The 555 band sealer creates 7/16″ wide seals in coffee bags, can operate at a speed of up to 400 inches/min, and has a maximum seal temperature of 570° F.555 Band Sealer for Packaging Coffee Pouches and Bags

The seal head of the 555 band sealer can be rotated from horizontal to vertical and is adjustable from 26″ – 39″ from the floor, when in the vertical position. This adjustment makes this bag sealer quite flexible when positioning it in your coffee packaging line. Even more packaging efficiency is created when the 555 band sealer is used right next to an auger filler, during coffee packaging.

The 555 band sealer is one of the most robust bag sealers used in the coffee packaging industry and is backed by our industry-leading 3 year warranty!

The 555 band sealer can be equipped with a variety of options to enhance your coffee packaging application. If you’re looking for an industrial band sealer to efficiently seal stand-up coffee pouches, the 555 band sealer is the way to go. For more details on this bag sealer for coffee click here.

PAC Machinery manufacturers a full line of bag sealers and nitrogen gas flush vacuum sealer for the coffee industry. To see an overview of all of our coffee packaging systems, click here.

The video below is a of the 555 band sealer being used to seal stand up coffee bags. It highlights the integrated conveyor, which can be tied to your existing coffee packaging line.