Vertrod PS Direct Drive Impulse Welder

The Vertrod PS Direct Drive impulse welder is designed for heavy duty fabric welding applications, which require high pressure and temperature to get a high quality seal. The PS Direct Drive impulse welder is generally used in manually fed packaging or impulse welding applications but can also be utilized in conjunction with more automated machinery.

Impulse Welder with Precision Temperature Control

Impulse Welder - Vertrod PS Direct DriveThis impulse welder is capable of making hermetic seals with temperatures ranging from 200°F to 650°F. The PS Direct Drive impulse welder can make seals up to 120″ long and 1″ wide. Open back construction allows the user to operate this impulse welder from the front or rear of the sealer as well as providing pass-through ability for an uninterrupted flow of film. The PS Direct Drive impulse welder employs PAC’s high precision impulse temperature control system, which seals fabric at a temperature within 5°F of the setpoint.

Video of Vertrod Impulse Welder in Action

The above video shows the Vertrod PS Direct Drive impulse welder being used to manufacture fabric-coated panels. By going from sewing the material to thermally impulse welding it, they were able to reduce cost and increase both reliability and appearance. This customer uses several of our Vertrod impulse welders to seam seal their polyester-based fabric. Because of the high pressure and temperature abilities of this impulse welder it is able work with a range of poly-based materials, including poly nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, vinyl (PVC), polypropylene, and more.

Impulse Welder Made in USA and Includes 3 Year Warranty

The Vertrod PS Direct Drive impulse bar sealer welder is made in the USA and includes an industry-leading 3 year limited warranty. Original Vertrod impulse welders have been in use for decades by textile and fabric processors and manufacturers.

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