The Rollbag R1285 Velocity automatic bagger is the fastest tabletop poly mailer packaging system on the market for mail order fulfillment packaging.

Rollbag R1285 Velocity - front view

This automatic bagger is designed to work with plain or custom printed pre-opened bags on a roll up to 11″ wide. Because this automatic bagger uses compressed air, you get the same performance as larger floor standing mail order fulfillment bagging systems, in a much smaller package.

Unlike other baggers in this category, the R1285 Velocity can be equipped with a broad range of options to custom tailor the system to your poly mailer packaging process.

The Rollbag R1285 Velocity bagger features a Datamax thermal transfer printer engine to print the shipping information directly on the poly mailer, ideal in order fulfillment applications. This automatic bagger has a 7″ HMI touchscreen interface that is easy for people of all skill levels to operate. 

The Rollbag R1285 Velocity includes a 1 year limited warranty, that can be extended up to 5 years when exclusively using Rollbag brand poly mailers and thermal transfer printer ribbon in your order fulfillment bagging operation.

For more details on the Rollbag R1285 Velocity poly mailer packaging system for your mail order fulfillment operation click here.