PAC Machinery has earned a position of industry leadership as a result of decades of innovation and manufacturing experience. We offer what we believe to be the most comprehensive range of heat sealing equipment and materials available in the flexible packaging industry. In a larger sense, our companies manufacture much more than machines and bags: We deliver dependable, packaging solutions that are built to last. Our collective experience is measured in decades, and some of our brands represent the very foundation upon which the flexible packaging industry was built. We invite you to enjoy the wide variety of application videos we have curated below. If you require dependable, long-lasting, flexible packaging solutions, PAC Machinery can give you a competitive edge.

Flow Wrapper Videos

Rollbag Poly Mailer Bagger Videos

Pre-Opened Poly Bag Videos

Vacuum Packaging Videos

Shrink Wrapping Videos


Flow Wrappers

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Poly Bags

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Vacuum Packaging

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