BlastBag’s innovative waste containment bag sealed by Vertrod’s PS sealer helps to protect the environment

SAN RAFAEL, Calif.– With a strong focus on developing a product that protects the environment, BlastBag turned to Vertrod (a PAC Machinery company) for a powerful heat sealing machine that would aid in the creation of their polyethylene bags.

The Vertrod 96″ PS sealer has helped to get the innovative company BlastBag of LaPorte, Texas, off and running. BlastBag creates polyethylene containment devices that fit on the heads of heat exchangers to contain wastewater.

Lee Wallace, vice president of operations for BlastBag, who has worked in the chemical industry for over 20 years, says that he chose the Vertrod PS machine to perform the heavy-duty sealing needed to create the bags for BlastBag.

Vertrod’s PS sealer is integral to BlastBag,” says Wallace. The 96″ Vertrod is longer than normal and gives more heat and pressure which allows us to use thicker material and make longer seals for BlastBag. We could not live without Vertrod’s support both in the sales and technical areas.”

The BlastBag allows for wastewater to be collected until it can be routed to a choice of containment for proper disposal. The BlastBag contains overspray and protects equipment, piping and people. The BlastBag is used for heating industries, chemical plants, refinement facilities and power generation plants. The bags can also be used for other kinds of applications such as general pipe cleanout, vapor traps and dust control.

Most companies do not always have a way to trap the wastewater, so wastewater seeps into the ground,” says Wallace. Now, with the BlastBag, wastewater is contained until it can be properly disposed of. The BlastBag helps to protect the environment, the personnel operating the machinery and the equipment itself.”

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