Automatic Bagger for Injection Molded Parts - Packing Pacifiers

Rollbag R1275 Auto Bagger is at the center of a more automated solution for packing parts in the injection molding industry

The design and manufacture of advanced injection molding and assembly systems are a growing influence in the medical device, drug delivery, and primary pharmaceutical packaging markets. While many solutions represent the cutting edge of med device manufacturing technology, some manufacturing improvements are applied to decades-old products.

Case in point: liquid injection molded baby pacifiers. A growing manufacturer wished to develop a straightforward system for bagging and sealing injection molded parts that would largely eliminate hand packaging. It was a big step, but accomplishing the feat could result in a significant labor savings for this injection molder.

The goal was bagging at least 20 pacifiers per minute automatically, and Clamco envisioned a solution: A system whereby the pacifiers came off the molding equipment and gathered into large bags. The contents of the bags were then places directly into a bowl feeder, which deposited the product into a Rollbag R1275 Automatic Bagger. There they would be bagged and sealed. Clamco packaging engineers have the experience and expertise to meet the most challenging flexible packaging goal.

Are you a manufacturer of injection molded parts looking to upgrade your packaging process? Click here for more information about the Rollbag R1275 Automatic Bagger.

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