PAC Machinery has earned a position of industry leadership as a result of decades of innovation and manufacturing experience. We offer what we believe to be the most comprehensive range of heat sealing equipment and materials available in the flexible packaging industry. In a larger sense, our companies manufacture much more than machines and bags: We deliver dependable, packaging solutions that are built to last. Our collective experience is measured in decades, and some of our brands represent the very foundation upon which the flexible packaging industry was built. We invite you to enjoy the wide variety of application videos we have curated below. If you require dependable, long-lasting, flexible packaging solutions, PAC Machinery can give you a competitive edge. This page has videos of some of the different product lines we manufacture.


Rollbag Mailer Auto Bagging Systems

Rollbag mailer automatic baggers are designed to speed up the loading, labeling, and sealing process of items that are packed in poly mailers as well as other mailer materials. These systems use pre-opened bags as well tubing to right-size the bag to the item being shipped. Click here to view our line of automatic mailer bagging systems

Poly Bags

Rollbag brand bags are designed to run beautifully on all automatic bagging machines that use pre-opened bags on a roll or fan fold in a box. Each bag has an open end for easy insertion of the product, and a perforation between bags. Bags are automatically drawn from the roll, after which they are filled, sealed and removed from the roll along the perforations. Click here to view our line of poly bags

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum sealers work by removing the air in a bag prior to sealing. Vacuum sealers are used primarily for shelf life extension, volume reduction, and corrosion protection. We specialize in industrial nozzle vacuum sealers that are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding industries. We also have a full line of industrial chamber vacuum sealers, ranging in size from tabletop models to larger high production vacuum packing machines.

Shrink Wrapping Systems

Our shrink packaging machines deliver an excellent combination of price, versatility and customer support. From L-bar sealers to high-speed automatic shrink packaging systems, we manufacture a wide range of shrink packaging machines. Click here to view our line of shrink wrapping systems

Flow Wrappers

Flow wrappers perform three tasks in one fluid and continuous operation – forming a bag, filling it with product, and sealing and discharging the finished package. These packages are protective, consistent, and professional looking. Click here to view our line of flow wrappers

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