Equipment financing

Financing Benefits

Automated packaging equipment pays for itself and can result in:

  • labor efficiencies
  • increased throughput
  • material savings
  • improved employee safety
  • and more

Over time, these savings will exceed the cost of the equipment. The payback period depends on whether the equipment is purchased with cash or financed. Delaying an equipment acquisition can be expensive. Even if you don’t need financing or on the fence about going that route. You should be informed about the benefits of doing so. You should also understand why waiting to purchase can actually cost you money, time and much more! 

Download the sample report and learn about long term ROI benefits in one example. 


  • Hedge Against Inflation: Payments spread over time use tomorrow’s cash over today’s more valuable dollars.
  • Tax Benefits: Lease financing can qualify for available tax benefits.
  • Overcome Budget Limitations: Avoid capital budget constraints.
  • Conserve Cash: Preserve working capital and free up cash flow and bank credit lines.

PAC has a state-of-the-art tool to calculate projected labor and material savings to generate a detailed Equipment Acquisition Analysis. The following
key financial indicators are included:

  • Payback Period: This is how long it takes for the
    equipment to pay for itself.
  • Return on Investment: Financing maximizes your ROI by freeing up working capital that can be reinvested to generate additional returns.
  • Cost of doing nothing

The Cost of Doing Nothing:

Waiting can be expensive.

If you wait too long before acquiring a machine, you could miss out on savings greater than the cost of the equipment.

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don't have it."


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