Episode 14 "On the Pulse of Packaging" Planting Seeds with PAC


Watch the story about a large global horticultural company that wanted to extend the shelf life of their seeds and the packaging solution they selected in episode 14 of “On The Pulse of Packaging.”

This customer wanted a solution to streamline their packaging process using a vacuum sealer to seal packets of seeds. They needed to seal hundreds of very small plastic vacuum bags 3×2 inches and some 4×5 inches daily. Watch the full episde and learn more.

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Well thank you for tuning in to this episode of “On the Pulse of Packaging” I’m the host Shannon Winans here with our guest Sean Geniesse, a machinery sales specialist at PAC Machinery. Welcome Sean.

Sean has a customer packaging story to share with us. Tell us a little bit about this customer.

So it’s a large Horticultural company that is known globally for their flowers and seeds and things like that. They’ve been in business for many, many years. They’re kind of a leader in that field.

Question Sean. Tell us what the customer was looking for and what they are packaging.

They’re a new customer of ours and they came they came to us looking to package some seeds doing some test work, some test results for shelf life things like that.  Originally, they came to us in mind with looking at a vacuum sealer with a nozzle. That particular application didn’t work too well just because the bag sizes were too small so we had to go to a chamber sealer which is which perfect for this type of application. Small bags lots of tiny little seeds into pouch size bags. Let’s say 2 to 3 in by 4 in in dimensions and the idea was to again do a series of tests through different sizes of bags, different quantities of products testing results putting time limits on there. You know this bag was vacuumed at this time, this bag was vacuumed at this time etc. so taking good notes presenting that to the customer and ultimately giving them you know a great solution for their application.

So if you are a customer out there in need of a packaging solution you want to consider PAC Machinery with over 60 years of experience in the packaging industry and one of the largest ranges of packaging equipment and materials in the business they’d love to work with you on your packaging needs.

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