Sample our bags on your competitive bagger model

Did you know our Rollbag  brand bags work on ANY brand of auto bagger?

That’s true! ANY brand! We are offering sample rolls to operators of NON Rollbag bagging machines so that you can test our Rollbag bags on your machine to see how it runs!  There is no charge for your sample roll! 

PAC Machinery Bags and Materials is offering one complimentary sample roll from our stock bags that are intended for this promotion.  Our Bags experts will work with you to select a bag for your use. Product availability is based on limited stock.

Contact us to order and test it on your competitive automatic bagging machine. We are sure you’ll quickly become a fan and loyal customer. 

or call us 1 (800) 985-9570 x 320 


Do you want your customers to experience and test PAC Machinery’s roll bags on their competitor bagger?  You can get these samples for your customers as well!  We want your customer’s bag business and want them to know:

  • Our bags come made with 25% recycled materials
  • We have many other eco- friendly options of bags made up to 100% recycled content as well as paper.
  • Quick turn around on quotes
  • HUGE selection of stock and custom bags
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Knowlegeable sales staff that can suggest best products

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