"On The Pulse of Packaging" Ep 15 Westpack Show Panel Interview

“On The Pulse of Packaging” Ep 15 features a panel interview about PAC Machinery’s Westpack Show 2024 plans.

 Learn more about our exhibit at #5321. Hear directly from the sales team on why this is a must attend expo for the west coast! Learn more about PAC’s exhibit of packaging equipment. Watch below! 


Welcome to this episode of “On the Pulse of Packaging”… I’m your host Shannon Winans. With us we have Greg Johnson. He’s the Director of Sales at PAC Machinery and Tony Printy the Regional Sales Manager for the Western half of the United States. Welcome guys!  

Hey Shannon

Hey Shan!

We’re going to be talking a little bit about some exciting show coming up that we have called Westpack. Do you want to tell the folks what that’s about and what we’ll be doing there?

Sure, I’ll start off Shannon. Westpack is a regional show that I’ve been going to personally since the mid 90’s so it’s a long-standing show, a lot of great manufacturers come there to talk about some of their latest thing. It’s the kickoff for us in 2024. It’s our first show of the year. Excited to show a few different machines of our 180 different machines that we build. It should be a great time it’s in Anaheim which doesn’t get any better than that in terms of weather in the winter time and we look forward to seeing everybody.

Now Tony that’s your territory. Do you want to talk a little bit about that and what you’re looking forward to or what people should look forward to as far as  visiting our booth at 5321?

Yeah so well I haven’t done the show quite as many times as Greg. This will be my third time participating in the show and we usually have a fairly decent turnout especially from the local area here in Southern California and Northern California and I do expect quite a few people from the Washington and Oregon area as well so looking forward to meeting with everybody and talking about the packaging needs.

What kind of Industries do you usually see people from?

Besides you know distributors and that in the past you know we’ve probably covered the full gamut. I mean I’ve had in from medical to food um you know e-commerce pretty much anybody that’s putting something into a soft packaging. We get a pretty good variety of people that that show up to this.

What would you want to say to any distributors that would be there that might not know who PAC Machinery is?

Well we love to talk with all types of distributors from the Southern California region that we work with for a very long time but we always welcome new faces. The Westpack show is a great place to learn for new reps people joining in the industry for the first time as I can attest to being in the industry for so long once you’re in it you tend to love it. One of the things we can certainly do while we’re in the show and in an meeting during the show is go through the vast wealth of information we have and all the different kinds of equipment that we utilize to address different packaging opportunities.

What could people expect to see on display this year?

The first is a vertical band sealer great for stand-up pouch type applications like a beef jerky pouch or a pouch with food. The second is our medical vacuum sealer. We have a lot of customers uh who utilize our equipment and love the features. The third is our R785 Electric bagger. This one is our new configuration with the thermal transfer printer. It competes very well in the industry. It does a fantastic job. It’s by far the fastest tabletop bagger that I’ve ever seen you’re really seriously looking at you know packaging solution that you that you’ve been trying to solve for whatever you know the last few months or maybe over the last few years.

It’s definitely an opportunity to you know get some hands on certainly with the equipment not just ours but everybody’s right I mean this this is a really good opportunity to find out you know what other offerings there are out there.

So well if you’re in the Anaheim area or even if you’re not and you want to stop out to the Westpack show, we’re encouraging everyone to do so. When you’re there stop at Booth 5321 and see PAC Machinery. Visit with Tony and Greg. They’ll both be there as well as the three pieces of equipment that Greg Johnson mentioned.

Thanks so much guys thanks for joining today. Thanks good luck at the show.

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