What product(s) will I be packaging?

What products you package is an important question to consider. Is the product bulky? Fragile? Liquid or moist? Powdery? Heavy? Light? Dusty? A medical instrument? Greasy or oily? Choosing the correct sealing machine will often depend on the answers to these questions.

Will my packaging system be effected by the work environment?

Where the packaging machine will be located is another important consideration before choosing a particular type of sealing machine. Is the environment where the packaging is done wet? Dusty? Cold? Hot? Is it an explosive environment, or in a cleanroom? You might consider a stainless steel machine if it is necessary to wash the machine often. There are options to fit just about every requirement.

What is my application?

Identifying your application is one of the most important things to do before selecting a sealing machine. You must evaluate your entire packaging application so when it comes time to select the machine, it will be the right one to fit the application. If your application is unique, you might need a custom machine. Rarely will two applications be exactly the same.

What bag material should I use?

Using the right bag material for your application and product is of utmost importance. The bag material also helps determine what sealer you will need. If, for example, you need to vacuum package your product for extended shelf life, then you will probably need a barrier type bag for best results. But if you are packaging something such as hardware parts, you can use a simple polyethylene bag. A bag of greater mil thickness might be needed for a heavy product or one with sharp edges. If questions, do not hesitate to consult one of our experts.

What are my reasons for packaging in the first place?

There are many reasons to package a product: You may wish to reduce exposure to moisture, or to protect a semiconductor device form static electricity; you may wish to reduce bulk, or to prolong shelf life, etc. Once you know exactly what you aim to achieve by packaging your product, questions about what kind of bag is required and what model of sealer to choose are easier to answer.

What are my production requirements?

Production requirements are central to choosing the right packaging machine. If you only plan to seal a few bags per hour, a simple hand or foot-pedal operated sealer will work well. If many bags are required to be sealed per hour, perhaps a more automated machine such as a continuous band sealer would be a good choice.

Do I need to code or mark the package?

Many packages need to be coded with a date or lot number. Often coding is needed to track the chain of control after the product leaves your premises. Security reasons may also dictate coding on sealed packages. Better control can be maintained by coding, and embossing on the seal or printing a number or date on the package can be achieved easily with a hot stamp printer.