Growing a contract packaging business
We live in an era of health awareness and fitness, and as a result, few product markets are growing faster than the prepackaged neutriceuticals and dietary supplement sector. Ontario, California-based Everest Packaging Corporation is riding the tide of this growing, dynamic market. Everest is an industry leading contract packaging resource that specializes in individual, single-serving supplement packets that are designed for people on the go. Seeking to provide manufacturers with a seamless packaging solution, Everest makes the film, makes the pouch, fills the pouch, and supplies the unit box. They will even manage inventory if requested. It’s a highly integrated operation where every step counts. It’s all about accuracy, efficiency and repeatability.

Clamco_6800CS_front-viewEric Tsai, President of Everest Packaging, was at a crossroads. His existing automatic L-bar sealer was barely keeping up with production, and lacking a faster solution, growth would be difficult to sustain. It was time to go shopping. Fortunately for Tsai, the popular packaging conference, PACK EXPO Las Vegas, was scheduled for the very near future. Adding to this good timing, PAC Machinery was planning to attend the conference and demonstrate a wide variety of sealing solutions. Visiting the PAC Machinery exhibit, Eric Tsai learned that in order to achieve his growth-oriented manufacturing goal, the Clamco 6800CS Side Sealer was a far more appropriate choice than another L-bar sealer. Considering the significant boost in productivity it provided, the 6800CS was a sound alternative from an economic standpoint as well. Additionally, the versatile 6800CS offered a unique advantage. It is capable of packaging products of virtually any length using polyolefin or polyethylene shrink film. The 6800CS was just what the doctor ordered.
In no time, Eric Tsai – assisted by Western Regional Sales Manager Larry Warren – worked through his PAC Machinery application questionnaire. Tsai described his requirements in detail: Everest needed a versatile machine that could accommodate a variety of box sizes; they needed a machine that increased productivity to support business growth. The machine had to be robust and dependable. As company visionary, Tsai was looking to make an investment in a long-term solution.

Checking off all the key points on his list of requirements, Tsai made the decision, and the Clamco Model 6800CS Side Sealerwas purchased. The machine was manufactured, and the order proceeded according to plan until the very end. Due to a local transportation slow down, delivery was delayed slightly. To compensate, PAC Machinery went the extra mile and made the necessary adjustments to put the 2-day installation and training schedule on the fast track. The result was a near net-zero time loss. According to Tsai: Overall, the 6800SC Side Sealer improved the way we worked. Production speed doubled the speed of the machine it replaced – up to around 60 packages per minute. I was able to see a return on investment almost immediately. My business interactions with PAC Machinery were always smooth”.

Most businesses wish to grow in a healthy fashion, and this can be achieved in a number of ways. Increased production capability was the growth factor for Everest Packaging, and the 6800CS Side Sealer offered just the right supplement” for growth – now and in the future.