Great Printing Makes a Difference

For retail display packaging, nothing entices Printed Autobag Style Bagsa customer to make a purchase more than an attractive package. It can make your product stand out among competing products.Consumers associate high quality graphics on the package with a high quality product inside the package, leading to higher sales and improved revenues.

This phenomenon is not exclusive to retail. Even when a customer buys a wholesale product, receives a spare part, or opens an inner package, they are subconsciously evaluating your product presentation. Therefore quality graphics are important in those applications as well. Placing your logo and brand message at the point of use is essential for building brand awareness and loyalty.

Custom graphics can even be used as a deterrent to counterfeit products, which has become more common in today’s marketplace. Many companies today use detailed graphics, logos, and uniquely coded details to identify their products. Custom graphic packaging is a low cost way to protect your product from illegal copycats, thereby protecting your brand image, and reducing lost revenues.Poly Film On Printing Press

Choose a printer that will deliver high quality graphics. Our know-how and expertise in printing on poly bags ensures that you receive impeccably detailed printing of the highest quality.Our pre-press department will work with you to give your printed bag just the right look, and our press operators bring decades of experience in the printing business. We make sure all printing is done with the utmost in precision and accuracy.The difference is in the details.

Print Capabilities

  • 8 colors 2 sides
  • Pantone Color Matching Systems
  • Vibrant Solvent Based Inks
  • Line and Process Print