Mailer Rollbag poly mailers for mail order fulfillment, fan folded in a boxOur Coex Poly Mailer Rollbag bags for mail order fulfillment come either as bags on a roll or fan-folded in a box. These co-extruded poly mailer envelope bags are designed to work on all brands of auto baggers and auto packers used in mail order fulfillment. Coex Poly Mailer Rollbag bags come perforated and pre-opened for high volume mail order fulfillment.

Our specially-engineered co-ex film has high puncture strength and tear resistance to withstand the rigors of mail order fulfillment for poly mailer envelopes.

Mailer Rollbag poly mailers are designed to run on all brands of auto baggers and auto packers for mail order fulfillment applications.

Poly mailer Rollbag bags come in a range of custom sizes and have options for custom printing as well as various features, including high-integrity seals, vent holes, and perforations for ease of opening.

These coex poly mailers are used in various mail order fulfillment applications, including prescriptions, toys, clothing and other products sold via e-commerce.

We offer short lead times and competitive pricing on our Poly Mailer Rollbags for mail order fulfillment. Contact us today for samples that you can try on your auto bagger.