In a move to offer more economical solutions to their customers vacuum chamber applications Packaging Aids Corp (PAC) is expanding its line of CV vacuum chambers.

“Up until now we had a good selection of chambers that met most customers needs, but what we wanted to see was a broader range of products and configurations that fit both the application and the budget of our customers,” said Serge Berguig President of Packaging Aids.

This is exciting for PAC who can now provide the perfect solution for virtually any chamber application from entry level table top units to high speed floor standing belt fed machines. “We are very pleased to be in the position to offer the perfect chamber at a very reasonable price,” said Berguig.

PAC has other heat sealing and vacuum packaging equipment as well as chambers but the move to expand the CV line will definitely round out an already impressive machine offering. The full line of Packaging Aids equipment can be seen at

Packaging Aids Corp (PAC), based out of San Rafael, California, manufactures vacuum gas flush sealers, vacuum chambers, and specialty bag sealers since 1962.

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