Packaging a fantasy can be a challenge

Los Angeles, CA-based Leg Avenue is a successful direct-to-consumer e-commerce company that specializes in lingerie, hosiery and fantasy costumes. Their fanciful merchandise was selling briskly, but the company was having difficulty optimizing its packaging operation. The packaging department was using conventional lip-and-tape poly mailers, but this method required hand packaging and this approach was slowing down production significantly. Leg Avenue was having difficulty surpassing an 80 package-per-hour (per worker) threshold. It was obvious that growth would be limited by inefficient packaging, but new problems arose as the company tried a series of different packaging methods. As the company grew, the result of inefficient packaging was showing up on the bottom line. It was the overall method of packaging that had to change.

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Owing to the increased efficiency of the Magnum Horizontal Fulfillment Bagger, Leg Avenue would require fewer workstations while achieving higher productivity at each station. Ease of operation and fast changeover time contribute in large measure to improved efficiency. The PAC Machinery workstation is no larger than a hand-load station, so it makes better use of precious floor space – especially since the bag comes out horizontally on the conveyor, label side up.