Ice Cream Bar and Popsicle Flow Wrapper

Packaging Aids, a PAC Machinery company, manufactures a range of flow wrappers for wrapping popsicles and ice cream bars.

In this video the Packaging Aids FW 400F flow wrapper is shown wrapping ice cream bars (popsicles) that are being loaded by hand. The production rate shown in the video is over 60 ice cream bars (popsicles) per minute, resulting in a production output of over 3000 ice cream bars (popsicles) per hour. With our automatic feeding equipment, the wrapping rate of these ice cream bars (popsicles) can be increased significantly. This customer has equipped their flow wrapper with a hot stamp printer to apply a date code as well as water-cooled transfer plates to minimize any melting of the ice cream bars (popsicles).

Prior to purchasing our FW 400F flow wrapper, this customer was packing their ice cream bars and popsicles by hand using a basic impulse sealer. Sufficient for small production, once this customer’s business started to grow, they needed a higher speed alternative.

Packaging Aids Flow Wrappers are especially popular with manufacturers of artisanal ice cream bars and popsicles throughout the country, as they can wrap thousands of bars per shift at a price point that makes sense.

Click here for more details on our FW 400F flow wrapper for wrapping your ice cream bars or popsicles.

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