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Introducing the Easy Touch Start Sensor Option for Rollbag® Brand Automatic Baggers

(October, 21, 2021) – PAC Machinery, a leader in the flexible packaging industry has just developed and released a convenient start button add on option for Rollbag automatic baggers, including the Rollbag R785 all-electric automatic bagger. The device can be placed anywhere on the machine for ease of use and increased productivity. The easy touch start sensor is designed with a strong magnetic base and activates the machine just by a light touch of the button – eliminating the need for a foot pedal and increasing the speed of bagging and production. The operator simply puts an item in the bag, then touches the button to seal the bag and feed the next bag out. The operator can touch the sensor with a finger, hand or even an elbow! 

This sensor, which can be placed wherever the operator chooses, detects the presence of the operator’s hand on the button and then the machine automatically cycles. It eliminates a step in the packaging process, as the operator does not need to press a button or activate a foot switch to cycle the bagger.

“Operator acceptance is critical to packaging automation and this option on our automatic baggers allows an operator to cycle the machine in a manner most comfortable for them, said Greg Berguig, VP Sales & Marketing PAC Machinery.

Rollbag automatic baggers come in compact tabletop or floor models for versatility, delivering a dependable, industrial quality poly bagging solutions. These baggers utilize Rollbag pre-opened poly bags for quick bag size changes and easy set-up. PLC with job storage, batch counters, packaging statistics, and login-in levels are included.

Other machine options for Rollbag automatic baggers include a (1) Label Printer Applicator to automatically prints and apply a label onto the next bag out (2) A 305 dpi Printhead Upgrade for those requiring high-resolution printing (3) A 220V Wiring version for international markets, (4) An Air Expeller—A plate with a foam pad that presses against the bag prior to sealing, removing excess air. This option is ideal when there is no vent hole in the bag.

These machines were built with numerous safety features including jaw obstruction detection and can be used by a diverse range of industries. Ideal markets include mail order fulfillment of poly mailers, aerospace parts, injection molding plastics, medical devices, fast-moving consumer goods shipped to a fulfillment center and more.

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