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Labor Reduction, Increased Production (over 600/hr) Among Benefits Pairing PAC Machinery’s Innovative Automatic Poly Mailer Bagging System With Smart Robotic Systems

San Rafael, CA (March 23, 2022) PAC Machinery, a leading US manufacturer of a diverse range of packaging machinery, is showing the first of its kind integration between its versatile 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper paired with smart robotics for a more automated solution that replaces multiple manual steps in a packaging operation.  

 The high-speed 6800CS-XL Fulfillment poly bagging system is one of the most versatile automatic poly baggers on the market. This packaging system is ideal for products that will be introduced horizontally on a conveyor for mailing applications as well as inbound prep. It automatically measures the length of the product being packaged and forms a right-sized poly bag around it, then prints and applies a shipping label, barcode or product SKU directly on the bag. This packaging machine can be paired with any pick-and-place robotic software system for further automation. It is pictured above with an OSARO smart robot and Yaskawa robotic arm.

“The future of robotics and packaging automation is here and now,” said Greg Berguig, VP Sales/Marketing, PAC Machinery. “Now you can fully automate item bagging by pairing our high-speed 6800CS-XL Fulfillment poly bagging system with a sophisticated pick-and-place robotic solution for streamlined order fulfillment,” Berguig said.

“OSARO’s Yaskawa robot uses suction, learning cameras and motion control to automate the picking and placing of items onto the horizontal auto bagger for a collaborative technology that is ideal for e-commerce applications using poly bags,” said Derik Pridmore, CEO, OSARO.

Combining the two advanced technologies transforms a business’s packaging operation by increasing efficiency and eliminating numerous expenses including:

  • Replaces manual bagging stations to completely automate packaging items in poly
  • Increases production without increasing headcount to package over 600 items/hr
  • Pack and ship the majority of e-commerce items without human contact, reducing
    workforce and costs
  • Package a vast range of item shapes, sizes and materials on the fly, with accuracy

This automated solution debuted at a large packaging tradeshow in 2021. It is shown in this easy to understand video showcasing the paired technologies. PAC Machinery will also show the video at several upcoming tradeshows this year including Modex in Atlanta, GA, March 28-31, 2022.

The high-speed 6800CS-XL Fulfillment poly bagging system paired with OSARO smart robot and Yaskawa robotic arm.

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