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PAC Machinery Bags and Materials Announces New Sustainability Commitment - ALL Poly Bags Now Contain At Least 25% Recycled Content | (800) 985-9570 X 320 |


(Milwaukee, WI) – March 16, 2023 – PAC Machinery Bags and Materials announces it is transitioning it’s custom and stock pre-opened bags for automatic baggers so that all of them will now contain recycled content as standard. As part of a corporate commitment to sustainable packaging and an effort to decrease the company’s environmental impact, effective immediately, all PAC Machinery poly bags and materials will be made from at least 25% post-industrial recycled resin. This decision was made as part of a continued focus on providing innovative, sustainable packaging options for the growing environmentally-conscious business consumer. These bags are used on automatic bagging machines to package products for a range of industries (industrial, automotive, e-commmerce fulfillment, and more).

PAC Machinery Bags and Materials line of bags, unless otherwise requested, will now be produced using a minimum of 25% industrially-recycled, FDA-compliant content. Additionally, PAC Machinery Bags and Materials just committed to sourcing the corrugated materials from third-party, sustainable-certified vendors. These initiatives are also being rolled out as PAC Machinery releases a new official company-wide Sustainability Commitment to sustainable packaging innovation.

“We are thrilled to announce this exciting update to our products to do what is best for both the environment and our customers,” said Greg Quinn, General Manager, PAC Machinery Bags and Materials. “As an innovative company that is not only committed to our customers, but to a better environment for all, we are leading the way in sustainability in packaging. Expect even more big news later this year with our products, as we continue investments in green innovations,” Quinn said.

PAC’s pre-opened bags are compatible and for use on any brand of automatic bagging machine, with competitive pricing and lead times.  Customers can still order bags made with virgin content upon request.

PAC Machinery Bags and Materials is a leading U.S. Manufacturer of high quality, sustainable, flexible packaging materials for automatic bagging machines located in Milwaukee WI. We are a division of PAC Machinery, a leading domestic manufacturer of packaging equipment. We provide competitive pricing and leads times on a wide selection of custom and stock, bags that are produced with a minimum of 25% of recycled material, meeting all shipping regulations and requirements. Our Rollbag® brand of pre-opened bags on a roll are considered “industry standard” and can be used on virtually all brands of automatic baggers. Other products include tubing, coex poly mailers, poly tubing, side load bags, thermal transfer ribbon, and additional sustainable packaging options for the environmentally conscious company. Website | Linkedin |  | 1(800) 985-9570 x 320 

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