PAC Machinery Introduces MedLogic Control System for Validatable Medical Sealers

New MedLogic control system for medical impulse sealers

The MedLogic control system features a PLC with a 7” touch screen HMI; a 10” version is available as an option. The interface is intuitive, easy to navigate and simple to use. MedLogic provides real-time monitoring of all critical sealing process parameters with an alarm to prevent operation in the

Medical sealer with MedLogic control system
The new Vertrod PS Med Validatable Medical Impulse Sealer featuring the MedLogic control system.

event the machine drift outside preset tolerances. The source of any fault condition is identified visually on the controller and logged in storage for the purpose of documentation (using a USB drive for storage). The MedLogic control system offers 3 Level login access (Operator / Supervisor / Engineer) with programmable name and password protection and a Verification/calibration menu to streamline the IQ/OQ/PQ process.

PacMed medical pouch sealers with MedLogic are capable of making hermetic seals with temperatures ranging from 200°F to 650°F. The PS Med Impulse Sealer with MedLogic, for example, is designed to comply with the guidelines of ISO 11607 standards. External verification ports allow for verification and calibration of internal controllers.

“PacMed controls have always offered real-time monitoring of process parameters but the added benefit of logging the data for analysis and audit is an invaluable addition provided by the MedLogic approach,” remarked Brian Jobson, PacMed product manager at San Rafael, CA-based PAC Machinery.

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