Rollbag R1285 Velocity automatic bagger features “next-bag-out” capability for advanced mail order fulfillment packaging.

PAC Machinery announced today that they have returned from PACK EXPO East 2017 having successfully introduced their advanced, Rollbag R1285 Velocity automatic bagger from Clamco featuring next-bag-out technology. The event showcased products from each of the PAC Machinery companies: Packaging Aids, Vertrod, Clamco, and Rollbag Systems, and facilitated hands-on demonstrations of each of the PAC Machinery packaging solutions on display. PACK EXPO East 2017 was held in Philadelphia, PA, and brought together more than 400 top-tier suppliers of advanced packaging equipment, materials, containers, and automation technologies. The show attracted approximately 7,000 attendees from companies in a variety of business sectors.

“PACK EXPO East was the ideal venue for introducing our Rollbag R1285 Velocity automatic bagger as the show provides an environment where our prospects are the most receptive,” remarked Matt Cmeyla, National Sales Manager at San Rafael, CA-based PAC Machinery. “We enjoy the opportunity to reunite with old packaging business friends and establish new relationships – as well as introduce our new equipment”, continued Cmeyla. 

The Rollbag R1285 Velocity bagger from Clamco integrates a proven automatic bagger platform with direct-to-bag printer and variable data software. The result is a time and laborsaving approach to mail order fulfillment packaging.

Velocity next-bag-out technology streamlines mail order fulfillment packaging

The Rollbag R1285Velocity automatic bagger integrates a proven automatic bagger platform with direct-to-bag printer and variable data software. The result is a time and labor saving approach to mail order fulfillment packaging. The versatile printer can apply almost any data you choose including a unique delivery address, barcode, product info, return address, etc., directly on the bag, thus eliminating the need for a paper label and the time and effort required to print and apply the label. As a result, the possibility of placing the wrong label on the wrong bag is virtually eliminated. The software/printer integration has the capacity to store up to 20 job configurations and has the potential to reduce labor costs significantly. Bagging and printing can be performed on the industry standard coex mailer bag material quickly and efficiently. The system is engineered to work with laborsaving, pre-opened bags on a roll. Coex, as well as many other types of bags on a roll, are available from Converting Technology, part of the PAC Machinery family of brands.

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