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Utility stand options for R785

PAC Machinery has developed a new adjustable height utility stand for the popular Rollbag® R785 automatic bagger available now with new added benefits for operators of the machine. The stand, sold as an option, mounts the auto bagger on it.  It now includes a new convenient shelf extension so that the front plate of the machine can be rested on it while loading a roll of bags.  The stand’s minimum height has also been updated to 27.5” from the previous height of 31”. The stand is now lower to the floor, provides a comfortable loading height for all operators and a greater range of adjustment for increased ergonomics.

At the lowest setting, the stand measures 27.5” from the floor. At its highest setting it measures 36.5” from the floor. The stand is also available with casters for easy transport of the machine to any location in the facility.

The stand supports PAC’s Rollbag R785, a unique, all-electric, compact tabletop automatic poly bagger. The R785 delivers a dependable, industrial quality, multi-shift packaging solution. Using an advanced control system, the R785 is able to operate at a rate of up to 40 bags/min. The R785 automatic bagger can be cycled by pressing a footswitch, tapping the seal bar, using a touch button, or automatically. This auto bagger can accommodate poly bags on a roll up to 12” wide and 20” long. The high-power sealing magnet creates hermetic seals in poly bags up to 4 mil in thickness. The R785 automatic poly bagger features a user-friendly touchscreen interface with the capacity to store up to 50 jobs.

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