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Order fulfillment of liquids need not pose a fluid problem

Sending liquids via mail can be tricky business. It is imperative that spills and leaks are eliminated – and sometimes a tight cap on a bottle is simply not enough to comply with newer packaging standards. Eternal Cosmetics, working with PAC Machinery, discovered how a side seal poly bagger could provide a protective barrier that would ensure packages containing liquids could travel through the order fulfillment process safely.

Miami, Florida-based Eternal Cosmetics, LLC does business in a vast, but highly competitive marketplace. Their customers range in age from 7-years to 107-years – they are mostly women, and all are stylish or wish to be. Eternal is in the makeup and nail care business. Like many other similar businesses, their principal means for conducting sales are online. And the key to successful online sales and order fulfillment is efficiency. Online selling utilizing Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) makes efficiency ever more crucial. From startups to Fortune 500s, B2B and B2C, brand owners, resellers, and independent third-party sellers sold more than a billion items through Amazon during the 2019 holiday season alone. Nearly 225,000 Amazon sellers worldwide eclipsed $100,000 in sales, and 15,000 U.S. businesses broke $1 million. Amazon is critical to Eternal’s ecosystem.

Sending nail polish remover via order mail required leak-proof packaging protection
Eternal offers an extensive array of cosmetics, and while the company was very keen on developing the most sought after products in the most fashionable colors, packaging was not their strong suit—specifically, the packaging method for individual products destined for an Amazon warehouse. Packaging by hand was the fall back method for Eternal Cosmetics, and it was becoming problematic. It was clear that hand packaging was extremely slow and inefficient. Making matters worse, Eternal has hundreds of SKUs – 9 for their different sizes and types of acetone-based fingernail polish remover alone. The objective was to find a streamlined method for packaging individual bottles of polish remover, printing the appropriate SKU, and sealing in the clear poly film as mandated by Amazon. By finding a suitable solution, Eternal could comply with stringent Amazon packaging regulations and at the same time eliminate a packaging bottleneck.

Eternal Cosmetics needed a spill-containment solution fast
Finding a solution came under the purview of Eternal Cosmetics owner, Carlos Belozercovsky. Finding PAC Machinery on-line Belozercovsky sent a pretty concise message to a PAC Regional Sales Manager.  “I am looking for a solution for my packaging line. I need to wrap bottles in a sealed bag, plus I got a new requirement that I need to print on the bag. I saw a solution from a competitor of yours that uses an ink jet printer, but I didn’t like that approach. Timing is a critical factor for me, and I can’t wait eight weeks for a solution. I haven’t purchased the new machine yet, as I am trying to put this machine on my line today. If you have any other type of machine that can put the bottle in a bag and print the SKU – that I can connect to my line right away – I will consider it”. PAC’s sales manager studied the application, considered the delivery time issue, and discussed the requirements with PAC’s internal manufacturing team. Together they came up with a solution that would meet all the criteria: The Clamco 6800CS Automatic Side Sealer.

A side sealer using folded poly film on rolls made the bagging job faster and easier
The Clamco 6800CS Automatic Side Sealer is a highly efficient sealer that uses plain or pre-printed, folded poly film on rolls. The printed branded film was supplied by PAC Machinery’s material operation as well. Versatile and easy to use, the side sealer combines a hot knife end seal with an adjustable side seal and trim knife. The 6800CS has beginning and end product sensors to maintain a consistent bag length around the product. Compared to conventional automatic L-bar sealers as well as automatic baggers, the 6800CS can pack products of any length at high speed, giving Eternal the flexibility to package products in several different sizes. The system is designed for using polyethylene film, as mandated by Amazon.

Everything about the 6800CS appealed to Carlos Belozercovsky, so the negotiations with PAC continued. Knowing that installation, training and the ongoing need for packaging materials and supplies was an important consideration, PAC’s Sales Manager  partnered with Dependable Packaging Solutions (DPS) in Miami Lakes, FL. PAC both trusted their expertise and understood how they could be an asset in delivering a flawless customer support experience. PAC recognized that DPS had a proven team and would take good care of his customer.


After careful consideration, Eternal Cosmetics ordered the Clamco 6800CS Automatic Side Sealer. The machine was built to Eternal’s specifications, delivered and put into service almost immediately. So satisfied with the performance of the machine, Eternal entered a conversation for additional machines from PAC. Cosmetic hues may change, but the packaging process at Eternal Cosmetics now looks pretty rosy.

6800CS Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrapper
Ideal for what Eternal Cosmetics required, the Clamco 6800CS automatic side sealer provides a versatile, economical tool for packaging a wide variety of products. It is able to accommodate products of virtually any length, and package them at a high rate of speed using economical poly film. Packages may then travel through a shrink tunnel if shrink packaging is desired.
eternal nail polish

“If you have a machine that can put the bottle in a bag and print the SKU - that I can connect to my line right away - I will consider it”.

Building on the increased interest in beauty and personal care products in the last few years, the cosmetics industry is seeing unprecedented growth. Keeping up with the increased levels of innovation and effectiveness Eternal Cosmetics customers have become accustomed to both the latest trends and unique product formulations.

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