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Pastry Perfection goes to the dogs

Pre-prepared hot dogs have become as ubiquitous as the convenience stores that offer them. But when Boise, Idaho-based Pastry Perfection partners Mike and Brent Curry were approached by a growing convenience store organization to supply hot dog buns, one of the conditions of the deal caught them by surprise. The buns needed to be individually wrapped. The store chain was pushing the envelope in regard to self-service, and for the sake of hygiene as well as freshness, each bun would need to be wrapped individually. The objective was to reduce the labor cost required to prepare a hot dog by enabling the customer to assemble the toothsome treat his or her self – but permitting the customer to reach into a conventionally packaged bag of hot dog buns, was not a viable option.

Mike and Brent were certain they could deliver the fresh, tasty buns the customer required, but the request for individually wrapped products had them scratching their heads. First step: Call their packaging solutions supplier, Associated Packaging in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Jim Throop, the Packaging Specialist at Associated assured the brothers that the task could be accomplished easily with a machine called a horizontal flow wrapper. Mr. Throop added that he had a couple machines from which to choose. Mike and Brent realized that a capital equipment purchase of this size was a long-term investment, so the machine would have to be versatile, dependable and affordable. Plus, once the machine was installed and running, they would need to be up to production speed quickly. The demand for buns would be both immediate and continuous.

After a very focused evaluation – but before the final purchase decision was made – Pastry Perfection chose to take a closer look at a Model FW 400F Horizontal Flow Wrapper from Packaging Aids. Step one: Send a mountain of hot dog buns to Packaging Aids (a PAC Machinery company) for a demo. Mike Curry explains: “The convenience store business was very important to us, and we knew that once we were awarded the contract, everything had to run smoothly, continuously, and without delay. A lot was riding on a successful integration of the horizontal flow wrapper”.
The task of individually wrapping hot dog buns was a perfect match for the Packaging Aids FW 400F Horizontal Flow Wrapper; the demo went smoothly and the proof of concept was accomplished quickly.

“Whenever possible we demo our machines with the customers’ actual product, using the correct materials, and at the anticipated production speeds” adds Mr. Adam Greenlief, Product Manager at Packaging Aids. “For us, the hot dog buns were a slam dunk”.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding – or in this case the hot dog bun. Convinced the model FW 400F was their best choice, the purchase was completed, and the machine was built and configured according to plan. “The FW 400F from Packaging Aids gave us the finished product we wanted”, concludes Mike Curry. Installation and training went smoothly, and before long hot dogs nestled in tasty, fresh, Pastry Perfection buns were in the hands of hungry Idaho customers.

Pastry Perfection currently uses a Packaging Aids model FW 400F Horizontal Flow Wrapper in their Boise, Idaho production facility.

“The convenience store business was very important to us, and we knew that once we were awarded the contract, everything had to run smoothly, continuously, and without delay. The FW 400F gave us the finished product we wanted.”

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Pastry Perfection uses a PAC Flow wrapper to wrap Hot Dog Buns they make fresh daily!