The PAC PVK Med sealer is a fully validatable medical vacuum impulse sealer designed to comply with the stringent guidelines of ISO 11607 terminally sterile packaging requirements.  This industrial grade sealer is intended for medical and other industrial applications where control of process parameters is critical and seal validation is required.

The PVK Med line of validatable vacuum sealers are capable of producing consistent hermetic seals in a wide range of materials.  Temperature control coupled with independent digital seal and cool timers, provide the ability to dial in settings for most any pouch or bag sealing application.  Standard bi-active sealing jaws and jaw selector switch enable use with single or double-sided heat giving the versatility to seal Tyvek™, heavy foils, and/or more complex materials.  A Seal-Only switch retracts the vacuum nozzles from the sealing jaws to permit unobstructed use as an impulse sealer.

The PAC PVK Med utilizes a ¾ hp vacuum pump to provide fast, efficient removal of air from most packages.  Digital timers allow for precise independent control of vacuum and/or gas flush cycle.   The PVK can be configured with an array of options to meet the specific requirements of almost any vacuum sealing applications.  Optional multi-stage cycle will allow for continuous cycles of vacuum and gas or gas and vacuum.  This method will often produce lower residual oxygen levels faster than long-duration single vacuum and gas flush cycle.

The PVK Med is equipped with PAC’s medical control system.  It is a precise temperature-based system with real-time monitoring of all sealing parameters for applications requiring seal validation.  Built-in alarm functions prevent operation when outside of validated settings.  External ports in the control cabinet allow for verification and calibration of internal controllers, a requirement for IQ/OQ processes.

The PAC PVK Validatable Medical Vacuum Sealer is made in the USA and includes a 3-year limited warranty.

Financing Options from $385/month

Sealing Features:

  • Seal Lengths: 30”, 36”, 42”, or 48”
  • Seal Width: 5/16”
  • Bi-Active Sealing Jaws (Both Jaws Heated)
  • Jaw selector switch to allow for single top heat only, bottom heat only, or both jaws heated
  • Independent digital seal and cool timers (1.0 – 9.9 seconds)
  • Digital sealing pressure switch with adjustable band to set high and low tolerances
  • Seal Only switch to disable vacuum and retract the nozzle for use as an impulse sealer
  • Adjustable sealing head angle for vertical or horizontal use

Temperature Control Features:

  • Temperature controller with digital readout to 350° F
  • Adjustable temperature band for high and low alarm tolerances
  • Seal time begins when set temperature is achieved to ensure repeatable seals with high production use

Vacuum & Gas Flush Features:

  • 3/4 Hp Vacuum pump for fast evacuation of air
  • Dual, large stainless steel vacuum nozzles
  • Digital timers for each stage of vacuum and gas flush (up to 15s vac, 3.75s gas)

MedPAC Medical Control Features:

  • ISO 11607 Compliant
  • Fully calibratable pressure switch and temperature controller
  • External ports in control cabinet for verification and calibration of internal controllers
  • Real-time seal process parameter monitoring (Temperature, Pressure, Time)
  • Alarm function prevents operation when there is a deviation from validated settings

Safety Features:

  •  Pneumatic low-pressure jaw close with release if obstruction is detected
  • Jaw close time-out with release when delay is detected
  • Emergency stop button
  • Locking control box cover to prevent unauthorized access to adjust settings


  • Ported Exhaust for plumbing exhaust outside of a cleanroom
  • Open head design for easy access and bag positioning
  • Designed to effectively package medical devices in a wide variety of bag materials


  • Foot switch cycle activation
  • Air Requirement (min): 100 psi
  • Electrical Requirement:  220 volt, single phase
  • 3 year limited warranty

Vacuum Options:

  • Multi-Stage: Continuous Vac/Gas cycles to achieve lower residual oxygen levels
  • Vacuum Level Sensor: Ensures consistent vacuum levels are achieved every cycle
  • Vacuum Relief Valve: Sets a maximum vacuum level to prevent product damage
  • Venturi Vacuum Pump (Dual High Flow): Quiet operation and low maintenance
  • Nozzle Extend Control: Manually extend vacuum nozzles for bulky bags

Sealing Options:

  • Bag Stretcher: Fingers extend inside edges of the bag to prevent wrinkles
  • Workshelf and Bag Support: Supports product during packaging cycle
  • Motorized Crank Adjustable Frame: Allows for adjusting height of sealing head for ergonomics, positioning over a conveyor, or accommodating varying product/package sizes.

Safety Options:

  • Dual Palm Control: Anti-tie down control for cycle activation
  • Two Stage Cycle: Low pressure close with foot switch, Cycle activated with dual palms


  • Stainless Steel Construction: For wet or corrosive environments
  • Pneumatic footswitch for wet environments
  • Nema 4x Control Box: Isolates electrical and pneumatic components
  • Locking, swivel casters

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