Medical Vacuum Sealer with gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging

The PAC PVT Plus Med is a validatable vacuum sealer intended for medical and other critical packaging applications which require precise control of all sealing process parameters.  The PVT Plus Med is a compact tabletop vacuum sealer, with gas flush capability, and independent control of all process parameters. 

Color touchscreen HMI used to set precise sealing parameters

Sealing time, cooling time, vacuum, and gas flush time can all be adjusted to meet a variety of packaging applications.  Additionally, jaw selection allows for controlling seal with either one or both sealing jaws to meet the requirements of the material to be sealed.  Seal-Only mode allows for retracting the nozzle and operating without vacuum or gas flush capability for further versatility.

PAC medical vacuum sealers are capable of producing quality hermetic seals in a wide range of pouch and bag materials, with consistency and repeatability. Sealing process parameters are monitored for deviation making this the ideal machine for medical, pharma, and other critical packaging applications.

Sealing features
  • Seal Length: 20” or 28”
  • Seal Width: 5/16”
  • Pneumatically operated impulse heater bars apply heat when the jaws are closed
  • Apply heat from top and bottom bars (bi-active sealing)
  • Independent seal and cool timing. (Seal 0-4 sec, Cool 0-5 sec)
  • Seal time begins when set temperature is achieved to ensure repeatable seals
  • Adjustable temperature control with maximum temperature set point
  • Adjustable sealing pressure
  • Seal Only control to disable vacuum and retract the nozzle for use as an impulse sealer
Vacuum & Gas Flush Features
  • Venturi Vacuum pump for fast evacuation of air
  • Single vacuum nozzle (3/4” wide)
  • Independent timers for each stage of vacuum and gas flush
  • Multistage – Up to two stages of vac/gas cycles consecutively (vac/gas/vac/gas or gas/vac/gas/vac)
  • Programmable to start with vac or gas cycle. Additionally, programmable to end with vac or gas
Med Controller Features
  • PLC with touchscreen HMI
  • Easy to navigate user interface in English
  • 50 programmable recipes
  • Password protected, multi-level login to access controller
  • Real-time monitoring of all critical sealing process parameters with alarm lock-out to prevent operation when outside of tolerance of validated settings
  • Storage of all process parameters with output via USB
  • ISO 11607 Compliant
Safety Features
  • Pneumatic low-pressure jaw close with release if obstruction is detected
  • Jaw close time-out with release when delay is detected
  • Stainless Steel Construction to mitigate particle contamination
  • Designed to effectively package medical devices in a wide variety of bag materials
Model PVT Plus Med Vacuum Sealer
Seal Lengths 20″ or 28″
Seal Width 5/16″
Activation Footswitch
Sealing Bi-active
Vacuum Multistage
Air requirement (min) 3CFM @ 90PSI
Electrical requirement 120V (220V wiring optional)
Dimensions 24″ – 32″ W x 20.5″ D x 10.5″ H
Warranty 1 year limited

Support Frame
The support frame is the ultimate accessory for the PVT Plus Med. This frame allows the operator to adjust the working height of the PVT Plus Med from 34” – 56” when in the horizontal position and 30”– 46” when the sealer is in the vertical position. The support frame is made of stainless steel and includes locking casters to move the machine around the production facility.

The stainless steel workshelf supports the product during the packaging cycle. It is 20” wide and the distance from the seal bar to the included bag support is adjustable from 5” – 24”. The maximum product weight that can be placed on the workshelf is 20 lbs when the sealer is in the horizontal configuration and 35 lbs when the sealer is 45º to vertical. The workshelf must be used in conjunction with the support frame.

Flat Bag Support
The flat bag support is designed to package heavy products in a vertical orientation. It can only be used in conjunction with the support frame. The flat bag support is made of stainless steel and is 28” wide x 14” deep. It can support a maximum product weight of 30 lbs.