Does Packaging Aids specialize in a particular kind of products?

Packaging Aidsspecializes in high quality heat sealing and packaging equipment. We offer heat sealing machines for both high speed and low volume applications and for almost every industry. If you need vacuum sealers, vacuum chambers, impulse or constant heat bar sealers, flow wrappers, medical packaging equipment or band sealers we can help.

Do you manufacture validatable medical sealers?

We offer quite a few – here is an example: designed for ease of validation, our model552 MEDis a horizontal band sealer that has been designed with PAC’s exclusive alarmed digital seal temperature, speed, and pressure controls to provide the ultimate in seal integrity.It can be used with a wide variety of pouch materials – including plastics and foils – in cleanroom or general medical pouch sealing applications.

What options should I consider?

If you need to trim the bag above the seal, you might request a cutting system. If you require a wider seal or a work shelf so the operator can better handle the bag we offer the appropriate options. There are a number of other special options that you might need to make your packaging operation easier and more productive. Feel free to contact us with any special requirements.

What bag material should I use?

Using the right bag material for your application is very importance. The bag material also helps determine what sealer you will need. If, for example, you need to vacuum package your product for extended shelf life, then you will probably need a barrier type bag for best results. But if you are packaging something such as hardware parts, you can use a simple polyethylene bag. A bag of greater mil thickness might be needed for a heavy product or one with sharp edges. Contact us with your specific application and we will help you choose the right bag material.