6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper

High-Speed Poly Bagging System with Print and Apply Labeling

The 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper is a large automatic poly bagger for products that will be introduced horizontally on a conveyor. This system automatically measures the length of the product being packaged and forms a right-sized poly bag around it. Furthermore, the 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper can print and apply a shipping or product identification label directly on the bag at the point of packaging. The 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper is ideal for high-speed packaging of products into poly mailers as well as those that need to be shipped to a fulfillment center in clear film.

System Operation

The 6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper features a highly efficient all-electric sealer that combines a hot knife end seal with an adjustable seal and trim knife. The trim knife is actuated when the product moves past the cross seal. Compared to conventional automatic baggers, the 6800CS-XL can bag products of any length at high speed.

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Model6800CS-XL Fullfillment
Production capacityup to 30 packs/min
Conveyor speedup to 140 ft/min
Cross seal bar width27.5"
Product width (max)24"
Product height (max)**11.75"
Product length (max)unlimited
Film width (min - max)up to 33.5"
Film roll diameter (max)13.75"
Electrical220V, 1Ph, 15amp
Air requirement90 PSI @ 3 CFM (for label applicator only)
System Dimensions12' L x 7' W
Warranty1 year


Operating Benefits

  • Three side seal and trim unit for a clean final package appearance
  • Powered film drive system allows light products to easily be packaged
  • High strength side-seal knife to cut and seal polyethylene with low maintenance
  • Automatic product length detection for right-sizing of the final package
  • Operating speed up to 30 cycles/min*
  • Closing conveyor for smooth product transfer of soft products
  • Soft start conveyor for packaging multiple items as well as singles
  • Advanced film drive wheels provide consistent and even film tracking
  • Integrated all-electric Zebra label printer applicator for printing a shipping label or other product information
  • 41″ wide center folder for random repeat pre-printed bags up to 16″ wide

Set-Up Benefits

  • Easy to integrate directly into an existing production line
  • Touchscreen interface with job setting storage and diagnostics for ease of use
  • Up to 3 mil polyethylene film thickness meets the needs of poly bagging applications, including poly mailers

Maintenance Benefits

  • Designed with strengthened mechanical components for today’s demanding manufacturing environment
  • Recordable & calibratable seal temperature adjustments
  • Packaging statistics for estimated and actual pack rates

Safety Benefits

  • CE compliant design for enhanced safety and ease of troubleshooting
  • Safety covers with interlocks to prevent physical machine access during operation
  • 1 year limited warranty extendable up to 3 years with optional comprehensive warranty

*Speed subject to product dimensions, film, and label information being applied


3 ft (16” wide) Infeed Conveyor

Additional Options

6 ft (24″ or 16″ wide) Infeed Conveyor

63″ Film Folder (instead of 41″)
For pre-printed bags up to 26″ wide.

Additional Options or customization is offered to meet various packaging applications.


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