Audionvac VMS Single Chambers

Audionvac VMS Single Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Designed for vacuum packaging applications that require maximum removal of air to extend shelf life. These large vacuum packaging machines provide the utmost in reliability, technology, and build quality. These vacuum sealers are ideally suited for both food processors and industrial manufacturers.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Features

Audionvac single chamber vacuum packaging machines have either a stainless steel lid with a flat stainless steel chamber (VMS) or an aluminum chamber and lid with viewing window (VM). These chamber vacuum sealers feature digital controls and two quick-change seal bars for packing multiple products per cycle. Polyethylene filler plates come standard with these vacuum sealers, taking up free space in the chamber to reduce cycle time.

The Audionvac single chamber vacuum sealers have a 10 program memory and soft air return. Soft air return protects delicate products by ensuring that air is gradually let back into the chamber at the end of the vacuum cycle. These chamber vacuum sealers have a Busch brand pump, the industry standard in vacuum pumps.

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ModelVMS 223VM 203VMS 233VM 303VMS 333VMS 363
Seal Type (in)2 x 1/82 x 1/82 x 1/82 x 1/82 x 1/82 x 1/8
# of Seal Bars1 or 222222
Seal Bar Configuration or or or or
Seal Length (in)23 (long)
20 (2x short)
202031 (2x long)
21.5 (2x short)
31 (2x long)
21.5 (2x short)
43 (2x long)
26 (2x short)
Distance Between Bars (in)18.5 (long)
19.5 (short)
19.519.518 (long)
29 (short)
18 (long)
29 (short)
22.5 (long)
39 (short)
Chamber Height (in)8989.5810.5
Chamber TypeStainless SteelAluminumStainless SteelAluminumStainless SteelStainless Steel
Lid TypeClear AcrylicAluminum + WindowStainless SteelAluminum + WindowStainless SteelStainless Steel
Vacuum PumpBusch 63 (3 HP)Busch 63 (3 HP)Busch 63 (3 HP)Busch 100 (5 HP)Busch 100 (5 HP)Busch 100 (5 HP)
Electrical230V 3Ph 60Hz230V 3Ph 60Hz230V 3Ph 60Hz230V 3Ph 60Hz230V 3PH 60Hz230V 3PH 60Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH in)28 x 28 x 4027 x 28 x 4228 x 29 x 4136 x 32 x 4236 x 32 x 4436 x 35 x 44
Shipping Weight (lbs)3904154605756001,010


Trim Seal
Removes the header of the bag.

Gas Flush 
For modified atmosphere packaging.

For multiple vacuum and gas cycles prior to sealing.

Vacuum Level
Sets percentage of vacuum, instead of time, ensuring repeatable results.

(top and bottom heated) 3/16″ wide seal .

Powder Filter
Inline with the vacuum pump for dusty environments or powdery products.

220V Single phase vacuum pump (3 HP)

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