Fresh Pac Express

Vacuum Sealer

The stainless steel Fresh Pac Express is ideally suited for the demanding environment of the food industry where speed and robustness of operation are essential. This vacuum sealer is designed for both vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging. With its rugged construction, and “open head design” for ease of bag positioning, the Fresh Pac Express will provide many years of high production output.

Options on this vacuum sealer include the Wet Vac system. This system includes easily removable vacuum nozzles, a pass-through cleanable venturi vacuum pump, and a food trap. Additionally, the vacuum line can be backflushed with chlorine or other cleaning agents.

The Fresh Pac Express Vacuum Sealer is made in the USA and includes a 3-year limited warranty.

Financing options from $390/month



Sealing Features

  • Seal Length: 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″
  • Seal Width: 5/16″ in top and bottom seal jaws
  • High/low pressure gauges for monitoring jaw closure and seal pressure
  • Thermal impulse time control system
  • Pressure-evening system for sealing thick or gusseted bags

Vacuum and Gas Flush Features

  • 3/4 HP electric vacuum pump, other pump models optional
  • Wide Stainless Steel Nozzles: For faster air removal, gas flush, and easy bag loading
  • Gas flush capability for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Independent timers for vacuum, seal, and cool (up to 15s vacuum, 3.75s gas, seal, and cool)

Operating Features

  • Open-head design provides easy access to bag positioning
  • Adjustable head angle for horizontal or vertical use
  • Motorized height adjustment for packaging automation and ergonomics
  • Pneumatic foot switch activation
  • Job recipe storage for quick job set-up
  • Foot pedal cycle activation

Safety Features

  • Heavy duty stainless steel frame
  • Pneumatic low-pressure jaw close safety system with release if obstruction is detected

Other Features

  • Casters
  • Air requirement (min): 100 psi
  • Electrical requirement: 220V
  • Dimensions: 33″ – 51″ W x 58″ H x 32″ D
  • Made in USA


Vacuum Options

  • Wet Vac System: For liquids; easily removable nozzles, cleanable vacuum pump and vacuum line
  • Multi-Stage: Up to two vacuum and two gas cycles, to achieve lower residual oxygen level
  • Vacuum Reserve Tank: Shortens vacuum time by increasing vacuum pressure at cycle start
  • High Flow Venturi Vacuum Pump: For quiet operation and low maintenance
  • Vacuum Level Sensor: Ensures consistent vacuum levels are achieved every cycle
  • Vacuum Relief Valve: Sets a maximum vacuum level to prevent product damage
  • Nozzle Extend Control: Manually extending vacuum nozzles, for bulky bags

Seal Options

  • Bag Stretcher: Fingers fit inside edges of the bag to minimizes wrinkles in the seal area
  • Workshelf & Bag Support—The stainless steel workshelf and bag support is used to hold the package during the packaging cycle. Available in two sizes, 36” W  x 16” D, or 36” W x 24 D”, the distance from the seal bar to the bag support is adjustable.
  • SureTemp Temperature Controller: Ensures consistent seal quality (up to 350°F)
  • Water Cooling: Prevents excessive heat build up in the jaws during high speed sealing
  • High Pressure Seal: Increases seal pressure for heavy materials and gusseted bags
  • Extra Seal Power: Additional seal transformer for continuous production at high rates
  • Seal Only Switch: Retracts nozzles for use as a bag sealer (no vacuum)
  • Seal Jaw Selector Switch: Allows bottom seal jaw to be turned off
  • Trim Wire: Leaves a finished sealed edge on the bag
  • Twin Seals: Two parallel 1/8″ seals (one side heat only)
  • Bag Stop: Allows bag to always be sealed in the same location

Safety Options

  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Two Stage Cycle Engagement: Jaws close by foot pedal, cycle initiated by dual palm buttons
  • Dual Palm Buttons: Prevent operator contact with seal jaws during closure
  • Motorized Crank Adjustable Frame: Adjust the operating height of the machine for improved ergonomics

Other Options

  • Hot Embosser: Up to 8 brass characters 3/8″ above the seal
  • Hot Stamp Printer: Hot embosser with thermal transfer ribbon
  • Integrated Air Compressor
  • CE Compliant

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