PVG Industrial Vacuum Sealer

Industrial Vacuum Impulse Sealer

The Packaging Aids PVG is considered by many to be the industry standard industrial vacuum impulse sealer. Built on a time-tested platform, the PVG combines quality, durability, and versatility. One of the reasons the Packaging Aids PVG vacuum sealer is so popular is because it is designed to accommodate a wide variety of options and configurations.

This vacuum sealer comes standard with gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging, bi-active seal bars for top and bottom heat during sealing, and independent vacuum, gas, seal, and cool timers. Combine these standard features with a choice of options and the PVG vacuum sealer can tackle countless applications quickly and easily.

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ModelPVG Industrial Vacuum Sealer
Seal Lengths12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 36" - 54" with twin head
Seal Width5/16″ in top and bottom seal jaws
Sealing systemThermal impulse
Vacuum system1/4 HP electric pump
Air requirement (min)100 psi
Electrical requirement120V
Dimensions26" - 39" W x 32" D x 58" H
Warranty3 year limited
Country of ManufactureUSA


Operating Features

  • Adjustable seal head angle (horizontal to vertical) to accommodate product orientation
  • Convenient footswitch cycle activation (other activation methods optional)
  • Straightforward user controls help assure excellent results quickly

Sealing Features

  • Bi-active (top and bottom heat) pneumatically activated jaws for seal reliability
  • Independent digital seal and cool timers ensures accurate settings
  • Thermal impulse time control system
  • SureTemp temperature controller ensures seal quality by maintaining seal temperature to a precise setting (optional)
  • Bag stretcher to minimize wrinkles in the seal (optional)

Vacuum Features

  • 1/4 HP electric vacuum pump for fast air evacuation
  • Dual stainless steel vacuum/gas flush nozzles to accommodate vacuum packaging one or two bags/cycle
  • Digital timers for each stage of vacuum and gas flush
  • Inline vacuum filter with 300 micron particle screen

Safety Features

  • Pneumatic low-pressure jaw close safety system with release if obstruction is detected
  • Jaw close timeout with release when delay is detected
  • Heavy duty seal transformer(s) with thermal overload protection
  • High/low pressure gauges for monitoring jaw closure and seal pressure


Vacuum/ Gas Flush Options

  • Multi-Stage: Up to two vacuum and two gas cycles, to achieve lower residual oxygen level
  • Vacuum Level Sensor: Ensures consistent vacuum levels are achieved every cycle
  • Vacuum Relief Valve: Sets a maximum vacuum level to prevent product damage
  • Venturi Vacuum Pump: For quiet operation and low maintenance
  • Nozzle Extend Control: Manually extending vacuum nozzles, for bulky bags
  • Larger Nozzles: For vacuuming the air out of the bag faster
  • Profiled Nozzles: Narrow radius on nozzles for more vacuum on thick materials
  • Vacuum Reserve Tank: Reduces the vacuum time by quickly pulling a high vacuum

Sealing Options

  • Bag Stretcher: Fingers fit inside edges of the bag to minimize wrinkles in the seal area
  • SureTemp Temperature Controller: ensures consistent seal quality (up to 350°F)
  • Pressure-evening system for sealing thick or gusseted bags
  • High Pressure Seal: Increases seal pressure for heavy materials and gusseted bags
  • Extra Seal Power: Additional seal transformer for continuous production at high rates
  • Seal Only Switch: Retracts nozzles for use as a bag sealer (no vacuum)
  • Seal Jaw Selector Switch: Allows bottom seal jaw to be turned off
  • Trim Wire: Leaves a finished sealed edge on the bag
  • Twin Seals: Two parallel 1/8″ seals (one side heat only)
  • Bag Stop: Allows bag to always be sealed in the same location

Safety Options

  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Two Stage Cycle Engagement: Jaws close by foot pedal, cycle initiated by dual palm buttons
  • Locking Control Box Cover: Cover on control cabinet to prevent unauthorized setting changes
  • Stainless Steel Jaw Covers: Placed over the front of the seal bars
  • Dual Palm Buttons: Prevent operator contact with seal jaws during closure
  • Motorized Crank Adjustable Frame: Adjust the operating height of the machine for improved ergonomics (12″ travel)

Other Options

  • SureSeal Digital Interface: Includes 9 program job storage
  • Workshelf & Bag Support: Supports the product during the packaging cycle
  • Hot Embosser: Up to 8 brass characters 3/8″ above the seal
  • Hot Stamp Printer: Hot embosser with thermal transfer ribbon
  • NEMA Enclosure: Isolate electrical and pneumatic components from environmental conditions
  • Ported Exhaust: For plumbing exhaust out of a cleanroom
  • Stainless Steel Construction: For wet or corrosive environments
  • Short Stand (Tabletop): Allows machine to be fastened down to a table (requires venturi vacuum)
  • Integrated Air Compressor
  • 220V Operation
  • CE Compliant
  • Casters

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