Headquartered in San Rafael, CA, Rustic Bakery was growing quickly. With their initial focus on organic sourdough crackers, the bakery soon expanded its offerings to include artisan breads, cookies and pastries. The strategy was to artfully package their treats and offer them through premium food retailers across the country – as well as at their popular, up-scale, Rustic Bakery cafes.

Carol LeValley and Josh Harris wanted to stack their hand made crackers in an open plastic carrier tray that could then be wrapped in freshness-preserving polypropylene. Once assembled, the inner package would be inserted into a beautifully designed retail box. Like everything else at Rustic Bakery, the completed package communicates a feeling of style and quality in every detail.

We did some research on the internet and took the matter up with some of our industry contacts”, remarked Josh Harris,V.P. Sales at Rustic Bakery. We learned that the machine we needed was called a horizontal flow wrapper, and we needed one that could accommodate lots of different products in a variety of sizes. Luckily, we came across PAC Machinery at a packaging trade show, where we described what we had in mind. They wasted no time in configuring a system that met our requirements beautifully. We soon added a second FW 400F flow wrapper from PAC to meet the growing production demands of our business,” continued Harris.

PAC Machinery begins virtually every initial conversation with the same question:What are you trying to accomplish? By fully understanding what a customer requires now, and envisioning what will serve the customer best going forward, PAC Machinery can make informed recommendations that include machines, materials and processes. Unlike other manufacturers who tend to focus just on machines, our objective is to add value to the customer with comprehensive packaging solutions that are versatile, support production goals and optimize labor costs”, says Mr. Gregory Berguig, V.P. Marketing at San Rafael, CA-based PAC Machinery. Though our headquarters are just minutes from our friends at Rustic Bakery, we offer the same level of excellent pre and post-sale support to customers large and small, throughout the country”, adds Berguig.

As the demand for products grows at Rustic Bakery, PAC’s commitment to serve this valued customer is steadfast. Our relationship with PAC Machinery has always been just great. The flow wrappers arrived when promised, we were trained on their operation quickly, and we were able to put them into production almost immediately. PAC treated us more like a partner rather than a customer. They are a pleasure to work with,” adds Harris.

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