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Package quality speaks about the product

Many people make a direct connection between the quality of a product and the degree of care given to its packaging. If this were not the case, the practice of wrapping fancy Christmas and birthday gifts would have been abandoned long ago. A beautiful package (think Apple iPhone, for example) communicates a subtle but powerful message about the product contained within the package. In some, but certainly not all instances, packaging a product thoughtfully may add in some small measure to the cost. But if the additional expense is low and the perception of quality is significantly increased, the steps required to deliver a well-packaged parcel is clearly worth the slight extra cost.

Rollbag R3200XL Automatic Poly Bagger for large bags
Rollbag R3200XL Automatic Poly Bagger with outfeed conveyor and thermal transfer printer

If you are like many of the millions of people who shop online, you have at one time or another received a rather small product packaged in a rather large bag. How did you feel about this? A bag whose size and/or shape is out of sync with its contents can reveal quite a bit about the sender – and may even reflect badly on the product itself. Even when the product is packaged in a traditional poly mailer bag (white outside with a dark interior color), the fit of the product is important. We refer to matching the bag size with the product size as “right-sizing” the package. If the packaging could be performed properly and doing so could actually cut cost, both sender and recipient could benefit. Now this is possible.

Right-sizing the package has advantages

The first advantage of right-sizing is the most obvious; a product packaged in the appropriate size bag appeals to the customer. The next advantage applies to the bag itself. Over time, the right-sized bag can save money on both packaging materials and shipping costs, as reducing waste simply saves money. With adverse effect on the environment, over-sized bags require more poly packaging material – and that unnecessary material will ultimately end up in a landfill. Now there is a practical solution for achieving the correct bag size for everything you ship.

Rollbag R2300 Fulfillment Bagger

The innovative Rollbag R2300 and the larger R3200XL Fulfillment Baggers from Clamco feature an in-line bag maker that utilizes economical, readily available poly tubing. Whether you require one or one thousand bags of a particular length, this unique bag-making feature enables the operator to adjust bag length on the fly using an intuitive, color touchscreen display. The result is a correctly sized bag – of virtually any length – every single time.

Designed with versatility in mind

Built for extreme versatility, the R2300 automatic bagger can also utilize pre-opened bags on a roll. Should the sender choose to utilize both tubing and roll bags, the bag-making feature can significantly reduce the need for an overly large inventory of roll bags sizes. With the ability to quickly switch between roll bags and tube stock, the R2300 automatic bagger can optimize packaging efforts and improve results almost immediately. To further add to laborsaving automation, the Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment Bagger may be configured with a label printer/applicator, for next bag out printing. As an option, this bagger can be equipped with a TwinPrint® dual-sided label printer applicator. With this option, the shipping information and packing slip is printed and applied using a single label (printed on two sides), thus eliminating any additional, time-consuming hand labeling of the parcel. The result is a streamlined, fully integrated order fulfillment bagging solution.

Innovative features

The R3200 automatic bagger comes equipped with many innovative features. An easy-load bag opener perfectly aligns the bag for effortless loading and for supporting heavier products. The “bag open” sensor detects that the bag is in position and ready to accept insertion of the product. The HMI is designed to prompt the user during set-up, operation, and self-diagnoses, and stores a large number of bag length settings for rapid set-up – plus, the optional, integrated label printer/applicator can tie into a warehouse management system to access data and print shipping labels directly on the bag.  The compact bagger is built on a robust stand with casters, making it easy to move the machine to where it is needed. Designed to minimize preventative maintenance, repair and consumables costs, the R3200 uses off-the-shelf parts that are readily available. Designed for safety, the automatic bagger features a CE compliant design, dual-touch start switches, and a low-pressure closing feature with a light curtain optical detection system for improved operator safety.

A turnkey solution

Available with a large number of printing, operating and safety options the R3200 Fulfillment Bagger is ideal for e-commerce, order fulfillment, e-tail, and distribution facilities that require the highest level of performance in their order fulfillment packaging operation.


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Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment Automatic Poly Bagger with integrated conveyor

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