Automatic Fulfillment Baggers for Packaging Poly Mailers


Left to right

Rollbag R785 Tabletop Automatic Bagger

Rollbag R1285 Tabletop Automatic Bagger

Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment Bagger

Rollbag Magnum Horizontal Bagger

6800CS-XL Fulfillment Wrapper

Rollbag Automatic Fulfillment Baggers and Clamco Shrink Wrap Systems are available in a range of configurations, from tabletop to large floor standing units. Rollbag automatic baggers for order fulfillment can use both pre-opened bags on a roll as well as poly tubing. The poly tubing choice enables the user to adjust bag length on the fly, thus “right-size” the poly mailer to the product being packaged. This unique approach can result in less material waste and deliver a lower total packaging cost. Configured for poly mailers, these baggers can print shipping information right on the bag or can be equipped with a direct thermal label applicator, which does not require printer ribbon. The rise of omnichannel retailing has only accelerated the need for modernization, and many of these changes reflect how the buying process has evolved over the last decade. Responding to this need PAC Machinery has developed a family of automatic fulfillment baggers.

For organizations that can adopt direct-to-consumer fulfillment, it may be possible to improve every step of the value chain from product development and demand management, packaging, and labeling through warehousing and last mile delivery. Offering customers the flexibility to configure product attributes, price, and delivery time can enable companies to differentiate from their competitors.

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