Compact, versatile, automatic bagger features an optional bag-making system that uses poly tubing. With the capacity to run bags as small as 2”x3” or as large as 16”x32”, the Rollbag R3200 automatic bagger provides Amazon Reseller, Fulfillment by Amazon  (FBA) exceptional packaging flexibility for a wide range of products.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – PAC Machinery, a leader in the heat sealing and flexible packaging industry, announced today that it has installed its new Rollbag™ R3200 Automatic Bagger at the FBA facility. This innovative automatic bagger features a sleek, compact design and is engineered to operate flawlessly – even under punishing industrial environments.

Increased efficiency with “right-sized” bags
                  The R3200 automatic bagger can package at speeds of up to 80 bags per minute using Rollbag brand pre-opened bags on a roll. “With the optional bag maker, the R3200 can utilize poly tubing, for making bags to the desired length,” stated Greg Berguig, V.P. of Sales & Marketing at PAC Machinery. “Configured with the bag maker option, the operator can dial in the exact bag length required, thus right-sizing the bag and reducing material costs,” adds Berguig. For a custom fit, the bag can be adjusted to virtually any length quickly and easily using the touchscreen interface. With the ability to process bags from 2”x3” to 16”x32”, this automatic bagger is extremely versatile.

Advanced bagger is easier to operate
                  Considered by many to be the most advanced automatic bagger of its kind, the Rollbag R3200 automatic bagger is engineered for easy integration into an automated production environment. To further improve the packaging process, the Rollbag R3200 can be configured using a wide variety of feeding systems including: scales, bowl feeders, counters, and robotics. The optional thermal transfer printer enables direct bag printing, thus eliminating the time-consuming step of applying a separate printed label. The printer can apply UPC, ASIN or FNSKU information directly on the bag reducing the need for any additional packaging steps. The optional out-feed conveyor adds to automation and flexibility. This automatic bagger is extremely customizable and can be configured according to specific user requirements.

                  Versions of the Rollbag R3200 bagger are available in stainless steel for food and medical device applications. Validatable versions are offered for medical device packaging. Users can begin with manual bagging and easily integrate automation into their packaging process as demand grows. This packaging solution is designed and priced with the growing business in mind; the machines are available for quick delivery, and are available with a comprehensive, 5-year limited warranty for worry-free, long-term reliability.

Easier to maintain
                  Unlike other automatic baggers, the R3200 uses off-the-shelf replacement parts that are available from most MRO suppliers. Easy access to parts means reduced down time waiting for costly, proprietary parts when repair or routine maintenance is required.

                  By virtue of the many available options, the Rollbag R3200 automatic bagger can be used for a great number of different operations. Targeting a growing market demand, this bagger is an excellent system for E-commerce and mail order fulfillment packaging. It is available with an optional, easy-load bag opener, creating a large rectangular bag opening followed by a flat, secure seal. Add a next bag out printer and an adjustable product takeaway conveyor, and the result is a streamlined process for automatic bagging of products in poly mailers.

About PAC Machinery
                  PAC Machinery is a privately held company headquartered in San Rafael, California. The company manufactures equipment and materials that are used in the flexible packaging industry. Products include bag sealers, vacuum sealers, shrink packaging systems, medical packaging solutions, automatic baggers, and pre-opened bags on a roll. The company has had its roots in the packaging industry since the early 1950’s, and now designs, manufactures and markets products through its family of companies and brands: Packaging Aids, Vertrod, Clamco, Rollbag Systems, and Converting Technology. PAC Machinery is the exclusive, North American distributor for Audion Elektro bag sealers. Manufacturing facilities are located in San Rafael, CA; Berea, OH; and Milwaukee, WI. Contact PAC Machinery at 25 Tiburon Street, San Rafael, CA 94901. Telephone 1 (234) 222-1000 x125.

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